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Introducing BitEclipse, The Genesis of New Age-type Online Trading Service

The BitEclipse is a world-leading creative Innovator & Revolutionist in the FinTech industry, especially in Online Brokerage and Exchange Market Service. The BitEclipse Project is founded to realize Ideal Service and Success Sharing with investors. 

A cultivated Golden Fruit could be called achievement, invention, or economic earnings through the work, which should be truly shared with family. BitEclipse is offering you Win-Win Cooperation, however, Never want to fall in Lose-Lose one though.

Introducing BitEclipse, The Genesis of New Age-type Online Trading Service

BitEclipse team is a professional originally from Investment Bank / HFT High-Frequency Trading Hedge Fund and FinTech ICT Vendor with more than twenty years of knowledge and experience in the industry. It is never too much to say that the BitEclipse team has devoted their whole life to the financial industry and witnessed Online Trading or Financial eCommerce, Enterprise History of all business levels from Retail, Wholesales, and to Institutional.

The BitEclipse Token or BET Token is a non-block-chained beneficial token that can be issued up to BET hundred million, circulated, and utilized limitedly within BitEclipse service. The BET gives Traders & IB Affiliators more power/right for investment and marketing. Here is the privilege table that they can especially enjoy as per its number of ownership. Once your Rank changes, the system will automatically and instantly adapt and provide you with all features shown in each Rank below.

The BET Exchange will not be charged any Trading Fee nor IB Commission will not be paid. With the privilege, you can apply for your own ICO Initial Coin Offering, STO Security Token Offering, or IEO Initial Exchange Offering project. And you will also get a Private Offer for Business & Investment Opportunity and Chance to meet other Global High-Class Community.


My Bitcointalk username: Batx_9999

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