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GLBrain Revolutionizes Online Community Management with the Help Unique Features

It is becoming increasingly clear that while most established social networks and online marketplaces
claim to be built around the user, their primary interest has become the exploitation of user data for various in-transparent purposes. Tools like targeted ads and content suggestions have mutated beyond their original functions of helping users to actively shape preferences and online behavior.

GLBrain’s chain-coded relational database allows users to retain full ownership and control over their data. The system merely provides space for users to deposit their data. Chain code also offers the user also to manage who can see which of his data. this implies users can change or delete any of the data or permission to see at any point in time and also the database is indifferent towards changes within the data – i.e. the system doesn't store and process data independent of the permissions given by or actions done by users. in this way, users get pleasure from absolute data privacy and security while enjoying all the functions available on standard social network platforms.

GLBrain will Provide Customized Chain Codes for big Communities

GLBrain offers customized chain-coded solutions to large communities with complex community management requirements, representing a good community management tool for large-scale business, social entrepreneurship and humanitarian projects run by transnational institutions and corporations.

The institution must be ready to define and efficiently and effectively communicate with all participants within their hyper chain group. they could define their specific attributes for their community, issue certificates and show available products to members of their community as well as introduce payment or credit systems in fiat or their own crypto.

GLBrain will Provide Internal Ledger and Blockchain

With the assistance of ledger technology whenever needed specific data blocks could be made immutable which is a must when it comes to executing business or issue every kind of certification or verification within a managed online community. With the Skyfiber blockchain technology, GLBrain is ready to integrate private blockchains for big communities including crypto payment solutions of every kind into its online marketplace and its customized chains.

GLBrain is about to implement a blockchain-based “External Receipt Ledger” which is able to produce immutable records of transactions, certifications, and agreements to provide their organizational clients with a really high level of security and reliability in an open system. This feature would be described in more detail within the Chapter “Blockchain Integration”.

GLBrain will Provide Geo-Statistic Program Base

Versatile online community management on the GLBrain platform is enhanced by the platform’s geographical structure. When users register their profile, they enter the country, region, and city they're located in. Thereby every user becomes associated with selected geography. Locations are visible as settings from a drop-down menu and could be selected by users to filter content or online offers based on their geographical location.

Currently, users on GLBrain are organized into 224 countries, 3822 regions, and 52,463 cities, although this list might be expanded if needed. this enables fast and simple search and filtering as per users’ geographical location or preferences, whether on the platform’s social media functions or its online marketplace. Furthermore, it allows for the efficient geographical pairing between interested parties during a business transaction at the global, regional, and local levels supported user preferences – all on one platform.

The chain-coded nature of the platform’s geographical programming allows users themselves to manage their geographical settings, with users having the ability to set restrictions on the geographical data linkages and chain-codes their data and content is visible in by simple mouse click on a dropdown menu.

GLBrain will Provide Auto-Translation

The geographical structure and also the chain coding of data blocks also entail an auto-translation function able to translate any content from and into at the moment 106 languages. The GLBrain data the structure contains over 10,000 pre-programmed translation pathways between language pairs by which all text information in all data blocks in a chain is distributed through a translation program before being reconstructed on another user’s device within the language of their choice which is important for communication and pollination across linguistic barriers when more complex community management operations by corporations or institutions are involved.

GLBrain will Provide Comprehensive & Bussines Network and Revenue Participation

GLBrain is an all-encompassing, all-in-one platform that covers community management, social networking, an online marketplace, presentation, and publication, communication, and community building, and content-sharing tools. It co-locates on one platform the tools and functions required for individuals to run all the essential aspects of their online private and commercial lives on one data-secure platform.

With GLBrain, users no longer need to navigate a large number of apps to manage their lives and their connections with others, aside especially relevant in developing countries. It also offers a secure integration and management of all existing communication routes and social networks. additionally, anyone who manages his online community on GLBrain – ranging from an individual that operates a small blog to influencers with an outsized social media following and huge communities – can enter a multi-level commission system by which they receive a percentage of the revenues derived from the communities, they bring onto the platform.


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