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GLBrain Aspires to Solve the Existing Social Network Major Problems

Internet platform and online marketplaces which makes use of a unique chain-coded relational database in order to offer users all the functions of online community management, a social network, and online marketplaces, while providing them with total data privacy and data ownership as well as total transparency and trust when needed.

GLBrain Aspires to Solve the Existing Social Network Major Problems

GLBrain aspires to solve three major problems associated with the existing social network landscape which are the lack of privacy and user control over, and the lack of transparency of corporate, usage/exploitation of user data, the lack of possibilities to store any data chosen by its owners on a blockchain when needed so to create total trust and transparency.

Then the absence of an integrated, all-in-one community management platform that has all the essential tools and communication channels, presentation features, online marketplace where a user can manage his private and business online persona and community in one place and can integrate and manage all existing communication routes including features like autotranslations from and to more than 100 languages.

It is becoming increasingly clear that while most established social networks and online marketplaces claim to be built around the user, their primary interest has become the exploitation of user data for various in-transparent purposes. Tools like targeted ads and content suggestions have mutated beyond their original functions of helping users to actively shape preferences and online behavior.

Lack of Transparency Surrounding Social Networks

This is made worse by the lack of transparency surrounding social networks’ management of data privacy. Public trust in established platforms has been damaged both by corporate cooperation with mass surveillance programs and insufficient monitoring of third-party processing of user information (as revealed in the case of Cambridge Analytica). The visible divergence between the interests of users and the interests of internet companies has caused a public backlash against the latter and widespread user frustration. 

Furthermore, today's current landscape of internet companies and app developers is only offering users fragmented solutions to online management of their private and business activities. Crucial functions such as social networking, running an online store, sharing blog posts, advertising real estate or looking for a job must currently be operated on several different apps and haven't been combined on a single platform facilitated by an integrated payment system and data security. 

Main Things that GLBrain will Achieve

GLBrain allows users to have access to all the functions of standard social networks while at the same time giving them full ownership and control over their data using GLBrain unique chain coded relational database, GLBrain brings all tools necessary for private, social and business community management and local online entrepreneurship advertising, customized landing pages, geographical tailoring, and auto-translation onto a single, data-secure platform, and last but not least with the integration of ledger and blockchain solutions guaranteeing total transparency and trust whenever needed.


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