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Tachyon Protocol, Brings the Next-Gen VPN, IoT, DeFi, Storage, CDN, and DNS

Cyber threats will always be relevant issues for years to come. One can never entrust cybersecurity in the hands and technologies of its managers. We need a more practical and elegant solution, especially in the booming Defi industry where cybersecurity is the primary concern. 

On the other hand, TCP / IP is Becoming Obsolete. As the basis of the modern internet, the TCP/IP model, if it can be improved, is of great significance to the development of the internet. Many companies are working hard to improve TCP/IP, such as Google's QUIC protocol, IBM's Apera and many others.  

Tachyon Protocol, Decentralized Internet Protocol that Aims to Create a Libre, Secure and Private Internet for You

Tachyon Protocol is a decentralized network stack combining decentralization and encryption techniques. It is designed to reconstruct the TCP/IP stack by means of decentralized structure, end-to-end encryption, traffic concealing, multi-path routing, and multi-relaying scheme.

Tachyon Protocol comprises of TBU (Tachyon Booster UDP) and TAA (Tachyon Anti-Analysis). Using DHT, blockchain, and UDP to reconstruct TCP/IP protocol, coupled with the application of real-time optimized routing.

The TBU protocol is capable of twice to ten times transmission accelerations in a centralized network with over 90% connection success rate in a complex network environment based on X-VPN experimental data. Before we move to TAA we can find what is Tachyon Protocol on this video below.

Explanation Video about What is Tachyon Protocol

Independent tests will soon follow to help us further quantify speed improvements. TSP (Tachyon Security Protocol): Security protocol using a combination of encryption and traffic concealing schemes to protect the connection against relay nodes.

TAA (Tachyon Anti-Analysis), TAA is the security strategy that implements Concurrent Multi-Path Routing and Multi-Relaying to counter traffic monitoring. The difficulty of intercepting the entire communication will increase exponentially with more nodes active on the network.

Tachyon Software Development Kit (SDK) at Present

Most of the blockchain projects use TCP/IP-based networking. For example, both Bitcoin and Ethereum are using TCP for data broadcasting. If an order for Tachyon Protocol to offer an alternative for the TCP/IP protocol, there are a few things that need to be considered which are an interaction between encryption protocols, data syncing and node interaction.

All of these are resource-consuming procedures. To reduce the integration expense for the blockchains, ensure proper encapsulation and reduce the difficulty of development, Tachyon Protocol shall provide a standard SDK which blockchain networks can easily integrate with their technological stack.

After the blockchain is deployed, its nodes can implement automatic proxy and port switching of the transport layer network protocol and data transmission between nodes can be transmitted through the Tachyon Protocol. With features of absolute security and privacy, faster speed, No Block and lower cost, Tachyon Protocol will benefit DApp based on blockchain, such as privacy protection, data storage, CDN, DeFi, instant messaging, edge computing, games. 

As a transport protocol, Tachyon Protocol will support many industries with its protocol stack and SDK, such as data storage, CDN, fast and reliable communication for IoT devices, edge computing, and gaming, in building a secure, efficient, and robust Tachyon Ecosystem. Tachyon Protocol will release the Tachyon VPN based on V SYSTEMS and Tachyon Protocol to experiment with the viability and stability of the protocol stack as the first step in building the Tachyon Ecosystem.

Tachyon Team will integrate Tachyon Protocol into VSYSTEMS as the transport protocol, providing cybersecurity & acceleration solution for the ecosystem to further strengthen its stability. In the future, the team envisions Tachyon Protocol to be adopted by other blockchains, applying its capabilities in DeFi, gaming, internet surfing, instant communication, data distributing, and other areas. 

Tachyon Protocol, The Decentralized Internet Protocol Brings the Next-Gen VPN, IoT, DeFi, Storage, CDN, DNS

The versatility of the Tachyon Protocol as a transmission protocol allows a vast number of tangible use cases. Considering the technical architecture and advantages of Tachyon, The team has put together several application scenarios that are most suitable for Tachyon Protocol. Now, lets spread to explain one by one on Tachyon Protocol uses cases. 

A centralized VPN, has limited credibility in providing cybersecurity and privacy protection. If we are to replace the Proxy Node between the Client and Content server with the Tachyon Protocol network, the aforementioned problem can be perfectly solved. Tachyon VPN will bring ultra cost-effective blockchain solutions that ensure advanced cybersecurity and privacy protection directly to all users.

Tachyon Protocol + Decentralized Storage, IPFS already uses the same underlying foundations as Tachyon Protocol with DHT as the foundation for storing data indexes. This demonstrates Tachyon's intrinsic ability to be used for data storage, however, unlike IPFS, Tachyon Protocol will have the following advantages which are Add an extra layer of protection by encrypting the contents in storage and during transmission, Accelerate the transmission efficiency.

Tachyon Protocol + CDN,  As a content distribution network, CDN network has the advantages of the number and distribution of edge nodes and the speed of network synchronization. The decentralized Tachyon network distributes tens of millions of nodes around the world so the quantity and coverage exceed the centralized CDN service. Also, thanks to TBU protocol, Tachyon CDN’s sync speed will be superior to any centralized CDN’s sync speed.

Tachyon Protocol + DeFi,  Decentralized Finance (DeFi) uses the blockchain technologies and smart contract to form a machine & algorithm-based trust to replace the human agents and third party-agencies with a goal to provide a transparent, efficient and low-cost financial system. With the use of Tachyon Protocol SDK, exchanges, DApps, wallets and company servers can employ more advanced security and privacy protection to their services as well as provide greater transmission efficiency to their users.

Tachyon Protocol + IoT, As an important part of the new generation information technology, IoT has been widely used in various industries, such as smart home, internet of vehicles, industrial manufacturing, environmental monitoring, environmental sensors, etc.

Tachyon Protocol + DNS, Ever since the start of the internet, DNS has been one of the power centers for this new, digital world. Whoever controlled the global DNS records, was able to actively promote or almost completely block any website. The centralization of DNS records presents a global threat to internet freedom and transparency.

Decentralized DNS will ensure complete liberalization, and the Tachyon protocol is ready for the role. By combining the speed and security improvements already outlined above, as well as using the V SYSTEMS chain to immutably store all records, without any fear of privacy issues, or the possibility of censorship by third parties, Tachyon will provide a new-generation, transparent DNS platform for all.   

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