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Prometheus, Enables the Integration Between Business Process and Blockchain

The main problem of blockchain technology is its mass usage and use of technology for solving problems from the real world. Wherever there is a problem of trust between two entities, blockchain technology can help solve the problem. The main characteristic of this advanced technology is that information once written in the block cannot be changed anymore.

By now the biggest usage of blockchain technology has been made through cryptocurrencies. But, the mission of the Prometheus Project is that using blockchain technology is granted to everyone who needs it but not through the focus on cryptocurrency but with a focus on a business process. As it is a case with all new technologies, the process of mass usage is very slow.

Prometheus Platform, Enables the Integration Between the Part of the Business Process and Blockchain Technology

Prometheus platform enables simple and affordable integration of the business the process with the blockchain technology. Prometheus platform will allow users to transfer the desired part of the business process to a blockchain or vice versa. Prometheus has created a fully functional MVP that allows users to connect to the database, select the data and transfer it to a blockchain.

Proces can be done in a few clicks. A reverse process can also be made to move data from the blockchain to the database. Prometheus platform will enable businesses to become real early adopters of the blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies are just one type of application. The Prometheus project aims to provide a mass usage of blockchain technology in all spheres of human activities, but not through the focus on cryptocurrencies. Prometheus vision is to facilitate the usage of blockchain technology through the product that will enable a transfer of a part of its business on blockchain, through very simple solutions and in any business activity.

Although a lot of projects from a few years ago promised a mass usage of blockchain technology, Prometheus has a clear idea and vision on how to achieve it, thanks to its finished product, its team consisting of university professors, developers with long-term experience, the company with long-term successful work and a few successful projects behind.

Prometheus Formed from NSWD Organisation and has Already Developed its MVP

Prometheus was formed from the NSWD organization. NSWD is a very successful company with headquarters in Novi Sad, Serbia. NSWD has a long-lasting and successful experience in developing internet applications and information systems.

Novi Sad is known as a university town, and this gave to NSWD and is now giving to Prometheus an excellent opportunity for recruiting high-quality and extraordinary developers. NSWD consists of over 30 members, and a great part of them now works in Prometheus on developing its platform.

Example of How Prmatheus's MVP Solve A Problems

Prometheus has already developed its MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It is a base where it will be developing its future platform for the integration of business systems and blockchain technology. The product is now completely functional and it is possible to integrate business databases with blockchain, i.e. transfer desired data on the blockchain.

The platform was made in such a way that it is as easy to use as possible, and the integration itself can be made in a very short period, in a way that a user chooses what data he wants to transfer on the blockchain. Again, Prometheu's vision is to contribute to the usage of blockchain technology by simplifying the process of integration of the real business world and blockchain, and it will be possible in such a way that the user can transfer a part of his business on the blockchain with a few clicks. 

Professional Team Members Behind Prometheus Project

The company that has developed Prometheus MVP by now is NS Web Development with headquarters in Novi Sad in Serbia. And here is the team members behind this project.



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