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Liqio Exchange, ICO Investment and Trading Has Never Been as Easy and Safe as Here

The rise of the digital world makes it easy for people to do things like purchases, sales and more. Like the crypto world, its development accelerates over time they provide opportunities for people to get money easily. In crypto there is also a market that makes it easy to trade, they are over 300 digital asset exchange listed on and potentially hundreds more that are not listed.

Despite a large number of exchanges available to trades, users are still facing significant trading issues, hindering the mass adoption of digital assets. LIQIO is an Estonian registered company. The company has an address in Estonia and offices in Western Europe. 

Liqio Exchange, Your ICO Investment and Trading Has Never Been as Easy and Safe as Here

Liqio will provide Liqio Launchpad and Liqio Community Trading to make sure your investment and trading will get easier and even safer. First Liqio Launchpad, Taking part in an ICO has never been as easy or as safe. Each ICO present on The platform will be analyzed by Liqio's dedicated team, so there will be no unpleasant surprises and you can be sure of a safe investment.

You will no longer need to wait several weeks or months for the end of an ICO to be able to trade the token/coin on a centralized exchange.  Once the token has been distributed, you can exchange it with other traders. Trade the coin/token as soon as the ICO is over on Liqio. And before we go for the second, let's we see the interface of Liqio Exchange first.

Liqio Exchange Recent Trading Interface

Second, Liqio Community Trading, Have doubts about a position? Look what other traders are doing. Just like on social media, you can follow other exchange users if they agree via a clear interface. You can follow users with open profiles and see the positions that they make public.

Any user can put forward a position/objective with a deadline. At the end of each position/objective, a score is awarded according to various parameters. A ranking is published and you can select the user to follow according to their past results.

LIQIO Revenue Modele, Start From Trading Fees, Withdrawal Fees, and So Many Other Services

First is Trading fees, Users will pay trading fees on each transaction; the current rate is 0.10% for Maker and 0.20% for Taker. Trading fees may be adjusted and optimized in agreement with the community via a token owner vote. Then Also Withdrawal fees, Users must pay fees on every withdrawal. The withdrawal fee amount varies according to token/coin and depends on their rate.

The third is Listing fees, LIQIO will select innovative coins and tokens to be listed on the exchange. Fees may be charged for listing. Coins/tokens decided on by the community will be listed free of charge each month. Ancillary services, Other services will be available on Liqio. White label, launchpad, legal advice, to name but a few.

Also When you purchase LQO tokens, you will receive dividends once a month. 50% of the fees collected by the exchange will be paid to the holder of the LQO token. Then When you purchase LQO tokens, you acquire a voting right. 1 token = 1 vote.

The Usage of Revenue from STO Will be as Transparent as This

First will be used for Growth, 35% of revenue from the STO will be invested in Liqio’s growth. With a trading competition and other events, the Liqio team will use various methods to expand the user base. The second will be for Developing the exchange, 45% of revenue from the STO will be invested in developing the exchange and its functions. IEO, community trading, security and so on.

The third will be for Compliance, security, Cryptocurrencies, and related regulations to evolve. 15% of the money raised will thus be used to keep up with regulations and with new security standards. Then, for Other expenses, the Acquisition of new equipment, servers, attending seminars, etc. 5% of the funds collected will be used to cover the various costs incurred by an exchange.

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