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Introducing GLBrain, a New-age Solution for Online Community Management

the current landscape of internet companies and app developers is only offering users fragmented solutions to the online management of their private and business activities. Crucial functions like social networking, running an online store, sharing blog posts, advertising real estate or looking for a job must currently be operated on several different apps and have not been combined on a single platform facilitated by an integrated payment system and data security.

This problem is relevant in both developed and developing countries. In many developing countries, especially in rural areas, there is an urgent need for a single integrated platform that can cover a broad range of e-commerce and community management functions.

With low internet connectivity and technological literacy, navigating several online marketplaces, payment providers, advertising services, and community management tools is an insurmountable task for local entrepreneurs in places like rural India. Countless NGOs and aid campaigns in the field are in desperate need of such an interface to run their operations by using the internet and blockchain solutions.

Further needed is a safe integration and management of all existing communication routes as well as an integrated translation function for all content. E-commerce platforms in Europe and North America, on the other hand, confront SMEs with high fees and limited geographical tailoring. SMEs like a local shop has high costs in maintaining a website with very low traffic and face even greater costs if they aim to integrate a payment system for an online shop.

Introducing GLBrain, a New-age Solution for Online Community Management

GLBrain is an internet platform that solves major problems associated with the social networks and e-commerce platforms currently available to users. On one hand, users on communication platforms have lost ownership and control over their data. On the other hand, in managing their private lives and businesses on the internet, users face a fragmented market that forces them to navigate a wide range of apps and platforms with separate accounts.

GLBrain addresses these problems by offering a system of total data control and privacy as well as total transparency and trust when needed and bringing all essential communication, community management, and e-commerce functions on a single platform while returning full data ownership to the user.

This is possible by the use of a unique chain-coded relational database and the use of hyperchain and blockchain technology. Its chain-coded relational database is what differentiates GLBrain from all existing social media and e-commerce platforms. The latter is usually based on algorithmic systems oriented towards harvesting, processing, and monetizing user data. Despite the emergence of stricter regulation, states and publics still struggle to enforce transparency and accountability when it comes to social networks’ sale of user data to third parties.

GLBrain’s Data Structure, Allows for a Number of Unique Features which Range from Facilitating Local Social Entrepreneurship

Further GLBrain’s data structure allows for a number of unique features which range from facilitating local social entrepreneurship to enabling small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) all over the world to make better use of the internet to promote and sell their goods and services, to linking up specific communities through customized chain codes to create novel ways of community management built on hyperchain and blockchain technology.

GLBrain uses the SkyFiber blockchain to render its database even more secure. Users can make transactions, certifications or all kinds of smart agreements on the platform to be immutable on a separate internal and external blockchain and to make payments in cryptocurrency. Private blockchains and integrated crypto solutions can be offered to large user communities.

In offering these unique features, GLBrain constitutes an all-encompassing and integrated interface for managing one’s private, social and commercial online persona and community in a data-secure way and thereby represents a true alternative to the existing networks dominating the market.

The GLBrain platform is already fully operational in its front and back end, and hosts over 50,000 registered users as well as 300,000 monthly visitors on its website. GLBrain current aim is to globally promote and market the platform to expand the GLBrain community. The main marketing approach is to offer customized community management solutions to large communities.


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