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Introducing Emirex Exchange, The Infrastructure For the New Digital Economy

Access to investment products is currently limited to wealthy individuals and institutions in developed countries. Multiple barriers to entry exist, including the high cost of entry, the complexity of product management, lack of education and knowledge, and capital controls imposed by governments.

Tokenised products that are accessible to many, that are simple to understand and simple to access will allow the democratization of investments and make it possible for many more people to manage and build their wealth efficiently and safely. From an issuer’s point of view, tokenizing real-world assets and businesses will allow direct access to investors and create an environment where the capital formation is cheaper and faster. 

The technology is already here but making the transition to the new digital economy is not possible without the creation of extensive, secure infrastructure. Blockchain is an exciting new technology that is already driving radical innovation. It has an immense power to disrupt existing economic and business models.

Introducing Emirex Exchange, The Infrastructure For the New Digital Economy

Emirex believes that the blockchain will represent the next stage of global industrial development. But just like with the steam engine and the internet that triggered previous industrial revolutions, infrastructure was needed to allow for adoption. Roads for the cars needed to be built, cables for the internet needed to be laid, platforms and exchanges for digital assets need to be created that are easy to use, secure, compliant and localized for the local markets.

Emirex Team developed a robust roadmap that outlines how they will further, develop Emirex's infrastructure to support their ambitious mission to become the Infrastructure for the new digital economy interconnecting The Middle East with Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Emirex is strategically located in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, the center of a four-thousand-year-old network of trade routes connecting economies around the world. Today, using leading-edge technology, Emirex is bringing together a growing community of issuers, investors, and traders from around Africa, Asia, and Europe and providing them with unprecedented access to the Middle Eastern wealth. 

For investors and traders, Emirex provides access to digital assets in a secure and compliant way using local banking and making it user-friendly. For businesses around the world, Emirex provides simple, secure tokenization, allowing access to finance that will enable projects to flourish.

 Dr. Zubeidi, Managing Partner for the Middle East Region and Strategic Board Advisor

The Emirex Group is Led by Experienced Senior Professionals

Emirex Group is led by experienced senior professionals from across the blockchain, legal, technology and investor spaces, and they welcome you to join us in this journey of digitalization. Emirex started their journey during the early stages of blockchain adoption and development and they are here for the long haul. 

Secure, software-based stores of value and medium of exchange such as cryptocurrencies, are becoming more and more popular with both digital natives and traditional investors that are looking to hedge their positions. Every stock, bond, currency, and commodity will be tokenized and traded peer-to-peer.  

Emirex's Vision is to Interconnect Africa, Asia, and Europe with the Middle East

Emirex's vision is to become the easiest gateway to acquire and spend digital assets. Emirex's vision is to be a trusted and reliable partner for those businesses that seek capital formation, and also those businesses that seek to provide their services to consumers in exchange for digital currencies.

Emirex wants to be known for the reliable and secure way to convert any store of value into digital assets and to safely store such digital assets using Emirex's infrastructure. Emirex's vision is to interconnect Africa, Asia, and Europe with the Middle East.

Emirex is here to build the infrastructure for the adoption and use of digital assets, that are easy to use, secure, compliant and localized for the local markets, focusing on the Middle East, interconnecting it with Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Currently, if you want to participate in the cryptocurrency markets, you will require a certain level of technical skills to access digital assets or operate digital wallets. This is not good enough, so the team has focused on making sure that Emirex Exchange can be used with confidence by a non-technical user. 

Emirex wants to give end-users access to digital assets in a safe, simple and compliant way. For issuers of digital assets, we want to make the cost of seeking investment far lower by removing the need to involve expensive intermediaries. We are providing an easy way to tokenize assets and access capital directly from end-users.

Tokenisation of Assets will Make Investments Fractional, Accessible and More Liquid

Emirex believes that the Emirex platform and operations will increase investment activity in the Middle East, connecting African, Asian and European markets. Emirex believes that they will significantly enhance the region’s sustainable development and positively impact the communities that Emirex works with. Before continuing let's see the Emirex Exchange recent look.

Emirex Exchange Recent Look

Emirex's values are they build with safety and ease of use in mind, Emirex create value for all Emirex stakeholders, Emirex build relationships based on trust and confidence, Emirex challenge the current status and push for more, Emirex know that people come first, Emirex leave a positive footprint in every community where they operate, Emirex know the technology well and build well. Benefits, The result of all Emirex's activities is the following value for the users, Easy to use Localized Secure Inter-connecting Compliant Access to the Middle-Eastern Wealth.

Emirex Exchange Allows Digital Asset Trades to Take Place in an Easy, Fast, Compliant and Secure Way

Emirex, a platform for investors and traders, allows digital asset trades to take place in an easy, fast, compliant and secure way. The exchange has two key functions. Primarily it offers an easy to use interface that lets non-professional traders buy and sell digital assets easily.

It also offers a professional platform for expert traders, complete with the functionality expected from established trading platforms in the traditional foreign exchange and commodities markets. Emirex exchange engine, the order book is capable of handling 1,000,000 orders/second offers spot trading with professional order types as well as margin and futures trading delivers advanced security measures compliant with the international standards of IT security in the banking industry, per ISO 27001 has customizable trading view charts for professional traders, as well as advanced functionality for order book, trade-history, markets and market depth offers a drawing toolbar for technical analysis and other technical indicators shows advanced historical trade analysis integrates advanced liquidity aggregation technology

Emirex Exchange supports trading of all major digital assets, while incrementally listing additional assets, both top-tier and aspiring projects that are in development. Emirex's fiat gate supports deposits and withdrawals to the users’ bank accounts, as well as the purchase through credit/debit cards and other payment methods. Special attention is dedicated to cybersecurity protection, with continued white hat hacking tests being carried out. The users of the trading platform will have access to the following services: 

Emirex Platform's Ultimate Services

Copy and social trading functionality. Traders will be able to automatically copy positions opened and managed by selected professional traders The professional traders will be remunerated in the form of flat monthly subscription fees. Margin trading. Access to third-party capital, allowing traders to leverage their positions and amplify trading results. This allows them to enjoy larger profits on successful trades  

Professional trading chat. Real-time communication among traders Receive timely updates on new developments, fees, promising listings, events, new services, etc. VIP concierge and OTC trades. Fast track service and lower fees and reduced market impact for key accounts 

For individual clients, Easy buy/sell interface for beginners Professional trading interface for experts Digital assets custody Two-way fiat gateway supporting multiple currencies and credit cards Transborder remittances of digital assets Staking rewards for proof of stake coins.  For issuers, Capital formation Digital assets listing Liquidity management Funds processing Hedging.  For merchants, Crypto to fiat payment gateway 


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