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Introducing DAIN AI, Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Network

Artificial intelligence is positioned at the core of the next-gen software system technologies within the market. corporations like Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft have actively enforced AI as an important part of their technology. however, this comes at a cost: the large variety of computer resources needed to perform these tasks.

The hardware should be perpetually renewed and consumes large amounts of electricity for cooling. And with the exponentially increasing quantity of information to take advantage of, the trend is just growing. The cloud market is valued at two hundred and ninety-one billion last year and is predicted to succeed in one and a half trillion US dollars by the next five years, at a CAGR of twenty-seven percent throughout the forecast period. Machine learning is projected to be the section with the best growth, reaching one hundred and eighty-eight us dollars billion by the next five years, at a CAGR of forty-nine percent.

Introducing DAIN, Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Network

DAIN aims to provide easy, affordable access to AI, enabling all consumers, from small businesses to large corporations, to extract knowledge from big data, reduce time-to-market in the generation of models, and monetize data and knowledge. DAIN enables users to rent the idle computational power of your devices and computers in order to be used by companies solving AI problems.

DAIN allows companies to generate new business models, new relationship models with their customers and new revenue streams, providing a safe space where they can sell, rent and share knowledge, solutions, data, and infrastructure securely to create, consume and execute AI. Through DAIN, a company of any size can easily and efficiently train a new model with its own data and/or data from external sources provided to DAIN.

It can then refine the model with third-party data available in the data marketplace. The company can publish the model in the model marketplace and generate revenue from it while maintaining ownership, control, and knowledge of the model. Or alternatively, it can monetize its data, allowing others to train their models or execute them with enriched data, all while keeping the data secure and without sharing it with any third party.

Huge Artificial Brain Composed of all Kinds of Computational Devices Located Anywhere in the World

DAIN is addressing this market opportunity without making big, inefficient investments in datacenters, hardware, and cooling. In the same way that AIRBNB, the largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate, UBER, the largest taxi company, owns no vehicles and NETFLIX, the fastest-growing television network, lay no cables, DAIN aims to become the largest AI as a service provider without datacenters.

DAIN can be described as a huge artificial brain composed of all kinds of computational devices located anywhere in the world. Any user can teach the brain how to perform certain tasks, and then he/she can ask for these tasks to be executed. Likewise, any user interacting with the brain can demand that the same tasks be executed, as long as the first user instructed the brain to allow others to access this knowledge.

The brain will remember every task it learns and continuously improve its performance. Eventually, it may execute any number of tasks simultaneously, with the sole limitation of its size. The brain has the potential for unlimited growth through the addition of new computing devices.

Like a natural brain, it requires energy to perform any task. In this case, energy is the reward given to the device owners. This way, users may interact with the brain to help it solve problems, or help the brain to solve these problems by enabling their growth.

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