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Introducing Bithercash, Combining Digital Asset with Traditional Bussiness

The advent of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies over the course of the last few years has played a significant role in disrupting the entire FinTech industry. Ever since the inception of Bitcoin ten years ago, the industry has recorded significant growth. Blockchain and related emerging technologies are not only disrupting the modern-age finances but also have a massive impact on innovating and changing the way humans deal with these technologies. 

Bithercash, Combining Digital Asset with Traditional Bussiness

BitherCash has a vision of offering revolutionized financial models based on Blockchain and combining it with traditional assets and businesses. It strives to create a complete financial ecosystem by offering a variety of financial products and services, including but not limited to a fiat-enabled crypto-asset exchange, a multi-coin supported wallet. It is a dedicated token serving as an alternative mode of payment and investing in traditional assets and businesses.

The BitherCash Project serves as a platform that is deployed on Blockchain which are enabling users to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies, avail staking products, trade, exchange, and get a fair share from the revenue generated from its underlying businesses such as real estate, entertainment, eCommerce, all in a fully secured and cost-effective manner.

At present, BitherCash boasts about an ever-increasing affiliate community thousands of active members, these members are actively participating in BitherCash's existing ecosystem comprising of BitherCash Coin, MYbSHOP, BitherX, BitherCharity, BitherDairy, and a multitude of other businesses.

MyBShop is an eCommerce Platform to buy everyday utilities and products with BIC coins, then BitherX, a Cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy, sell or trade BIC coins with BTC, also there is BitherCharity Foundation, a Social responsibility program initiated in Pakistan, India, and Nepal that fund education and availability of clean drinking water in remote areas. BitherDairy, First of its kind state-of-the-art modern dairy farms managed by IoT devices on the blockchain and other else.

BitherCash Token (BICAS), the Core Component of the BitherCash Ecosystem

However, in BitherCash's bid to expand further and scale the business across the world, BitherCash team is further developing the project with a newly designed ERC 20 Token named BitherCash Token or BICAS Token.

With BICAS Token as the core component of the Bither ecosystem, BitherCash strives to harness the power of Blockchain, Cryptography, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, modern-age FinTech. BICAS is now available on Catex Launchpad. Grab your BICAS here:

 BICAS IEO on CatEx Launchpad

BitherCash aims to create a single universal token that allows users to avail of modern-age financial solutions while it derives its value, not from speculations but by real-valued underlying businesses with revenue-generating business models. BitherCash’s objective is to create an alternative cryptocurrency that has real-life utility and underlying business to support the revenue stream.

Moreover, BitherCash strives to satisfy the demand of consumers and businesses by providing them with state-of-the-art online financial solutions and crypto trading opportunities, without compromising on security and user privacy.

The BitherCash will serve as the next generation financial ecosystem that combines several products and features such as a BitherCash Token, BitherExchange, BitherWallet, BithereCommerce, BitherHomes, BitherFiFame, and BitherVoice Charity Foundation all under one unified ecosystem.

BitherCash aims to facilitate people from all walks of life. BitherCash strives to provide them with advanced solutions allowing them to perform their business transactions seamlessly and thus help them in their economic empowerment and in their role as social and resilience-builders. The innovative nature of BitherCash product offerings enables us to serve a wide range of customers.

Grand Opening of Bithercash Held In Dubai At Atlantis The Palm

The Profesional Team Behind The Project

The BitherCash project is led by Mr. Paritosh Mathur, who is a leading entrepreneur with a successful track record of establishing various startups across the Middle East and North America. Based in US/Canada for over a decade, Mr. Mathur has exceptional experience in FinTech, banking, trading (both US and Indian Stock Markets) and cryptocurrency markets.

He is a well-known name with the digital market circle. His extensive connections and knowledge of this industry will help lead BitherCash to the next level. Mr. Mathur’s team comprises several seasoned executives from a diverse background all with a common vision insight.

BitherCash Team Members, Source: BitherCash Website

Bither Exchange:

My Bitcointalk username: Batx_9999

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