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Introducing BatMine, Green High-Speed Crypto Mining

Blockchain technology is indeed revolutionary and we do believe it is the future, but there are still things to be perfected. Two of those things are energy efficiency and overall costs. Bitcoin or any other currency mining can get very expensive and can drain a lot of electricity. As an example, we would like to mention the problems during the peak moments back in December 2017 until January 2018 when a lot of new people were coming in and a lot of trading was going on.

With the former speed and efficiency transactions were getting stuck in the system, causing people to wait for weeks until their transaction went through. If you needed your transaction to go through without problems, you had to pay fifty to hundred US dollars in transaction fees, which we can all agree, should not be happening. As we believe and hope, blockchain will go mainstream soon and the peak moments we experienced in the past will be nothing compared to a load of transactions coming our way.

Miners need to get faster in mining and cheaper in energy costs – and that’s exactly what BatMine offers. BatMine aims to become the most efficient, sustainable and profitable mine in the history of blockchain, and BatMine invites you to participate in making it happen. Blockchain is a technology that BatMine is fully committed to and they are dedicated to implementing it to the maximum. Although the technology is relatively young, BatMine foresees that it will become the standard, just like the Internet became the standard of the world. 

Introducing BatMine, Green High-Speed Crypto Mining

BatMine aims to become the most profitable crypto mine in existence. BatMine combine safe, predominantly European locations, an excellent team, low cost, mostly green energy, unrivaled hash power of up to 55 TH/s for their BTC miners, and LTC miners with the best cost/performance ratio. BatMine optimizes switching between the currencies they mine to maximize the yield of the BatMine for all of us.

Apart from using BatMine's hash power, you can also use your own! You can buy the miners and run them at the BatMine location. All proceeds minus a fee for electricity, operation, service, and management are yours. BatMine's safety, low-cost electricity, and the high hash rate will make your mining significantly more profitable. BatMine also provides Mining as a Service (MaaS), Custodial Services and hardware sales of mining equipment. 

What is Mine Cryptocurrencies and How to Do It?

There are several ways to mine cryptocurrencies; the most profitable are industrial mining followed by cloud mining. Right now, there are several ways to get involved in crypto mining such as Home Mining, Cloud Mining, and Industrial Mining Farm. Home mining is currently not profitable, mostly due to high electricity costs.

Cloud Mining is suitable for most private individual mining, while Industrial Mining functions as the corporate business facility. These methods have their advantages and limitations. Cloud Mining is often not transparent which is No control over the equipment and its maintenance, No contact with the equipment suppliers, no overview of pricing and equipment models, No knowledge of the real mining capacity, No overview of spending and costs, and often the location of the Mining Facility is anonymous. 

BatMine is More than Just Another Cryptocurrency Mine

BatMine is Blockchain Applied Technology (BAT) at its best, crafted to art by skilled Cyber artisans and Blockchain professionals. BatMine is creating the most advanced, profitable, fastest and sustainable cryptocurrency mine that ever existed. A Mine in which you can join and become a member of the BatMine community.

BatMine will bring this amazing opportunity to live together, and build the BatMine for visionaries – BatMine Community! We are building BatMine in Europe, one of the safest and crypto friendliest jurisdictions in the world. BatMine is a singular creation based on the new generation, high capacity BTC, LTC, ETH, and other currencies‘ mining equipment and mostly GREEN energy.  

BATM Token, The Utility Token of BatMine Ecosystem

The BATM Token is the Utility Token of BatMine Ecosystem, BATM tokens are ERC 20 tokens that can be exchanged for all current and future products and services from BatMine. Here is some details about BatMine Token (BATM):

  • Token name: BATM
  • Token type: ERC 20
  • Token supply: 350,000,000 BATM
  • Purchase options: ETH
  • Token Gifting: BATM Tokens are gifted to investors for every 1 ETH invested, or its counter value of the day and minute of the investment. The number of tokens gifted per ETH is dependent on the ETH/EUR rate and will be determined two days before the Whitelist round.
  • Unsold tokens: Non-sold and/or non-distributed tokens will be burned
  • Hard cap: 19,000,000 EUR in ETH
  • Soft cap: 1,000,000 EUR in ETH
  • ICO duration 02.01.2019 to March
  • Lock up: All tokens will be locked up until then end of the ICO (until March) or after the Hard Cap is reached, plus 15 days.
  • Silent Partnership Agreement (SPA): Silent Partnership Agreements will be electronically signed with every participant. Silent Partnership Agreements are transferable.

BatMine will create a total of 350 million BATM tokens and no additional more. Unsold and/or undistributed tokens will be burned

What are the Benefits for BatMine Investors?

BatMine investors will be informed about each step that BatMine perform to become and remain the most profitable mine. Investors receive transferable Silent Partnership Agreements. Many ICOs offered profit sharing and then did not distribute those profits due to “regulations”.

In this case, with a Silent Partnership Agreement your profit sharing is legally guaranteed for an irrevocable period of 10 years. In addition, you receive tokens for every ETH invested (or its counter value in other currencies) and these can be exchanged for BatMine's services so that in addition to profit-sharing related to the contract, you also can make profits on BatMine's services through the tokens.

Professional Team Behind the Project

BatMine has assembled a team of entrepreneurs and experts with a proven track record to advise and develop the Company in building out their business. BatMine invested a lot of resources and time in finding the right business formula for the mine to become and remain profitable. BatMine team is very eager to implement that formula. 

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My Bitcointalk username: Batx_9999

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