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Intelligent Hero, Share Skills and Knowledge with Millions of Other Professionals Like You

The ‘Information donation’ model still prevails: personal data is collected and processed by the network for further sale to any interested persons, who subsequently, use such data for manipulations within the very same network. Users, in turn, get only little communication possibilities additionally limited by a free-of-charge tariff.

The lack of control over the data published on the network by a user is one of the problems they aim to address using a decentralized testing platform and crypto-rewards model based on smart contracts. By solving a problem of quality and accuracy of data provided by a user they automatically address the targeting of both advertising traffic and searches through the user database.

The data problem can be solved through direct compensation by an interested party, via distribution of the campaign’s budget directly among users whose data was used. Hypothetically, users get stipends in HERO token for the use of their data rather than the free-of-charge regular model.

Share Skills and Knowledge with Millions of Other Professionals Like You

Intelligent Hero's first solution is to strengthen the professional community by returning to them, the power that platforms online and offline have taken from them. Intelligent Hero will be using the blockchain technology to store tests and order results attained by the members.

The data of users cannot be stolen or sold by any member of the platform because of the nature of the community Intelligent Hero is trying to build up. Only the user has the right to share his/her information with anyone else on or off the platform.


The blockchain technology will be the gate-way through which individuals are able to always call back information on certain tasks that were performed on the platform, right from the day the user joins the platform and begins to utilize it, till the day of request.

User-friendly platform. Despite the complex nature of what Intelligent Hero is trying to pull off, things could start getting complicated quicker than one could even imagine. They had to ensure that the platform had a few operational buttons as possible.

This is to ensure that users of the site have little or no troubles while navigating the site or performing certain tasks and functions. Intelligent Hero also kept things simple to avoid the number of people messaging Intelligent Hero's support unit for petty issues that do not sky-rocket. This is not saying that the platform will be completely bug-free, but before it’s released to the general public, all bugs should have dealt with by their technical unit.

Intelligent Hero is a Community that You Can Trust

Team has built the platform in such a way that it will allow users total control over their data depending on what rank the user decides to attain on the platform. Data about the user is stored in the blockchain and cannot be extracted for use by third parties.

The only section of the site where the platform scans through specific user data is the search module within the community. The search engine will bring up a dozen of other profiles that have the same specifications. This majorly is to help users find workers or be able to get jobs and help those who want to find competent workers in real-time.



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