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Cartesi Remedies the Severe Storage Limitations of the Blockchain

Cartesi remedies the severe storage limitations of the blockchain by keeping on-chain only Merkel tree hashes of off-chain datas. Cartesi assumes that every party involved during a verification role has to access to those data. Inbound applications, this is often difficult to guarantee.

Cartesi Remedies the Severe Storage Limitations of the Blockchain 

In particular, the risk for data withholding attacks, wherever one in all the parties submits a hash to the blockchain whereas refusing to create this data obtainable to others should be mitigated. the problem of data availability may be a major concern within the design of blockchain consensus algorithms. However, the problem becomes a lot less complicated in the context of local consensus. data channels, device encryption, and therefore the data ledger ensure availability in all scenarios likely to be encountered by Cartesi DApps.

One of the key barriers to the wide adoption of blockchain technology is that the inconvenience seasoned by DApp users. although the literature on the usability of centralized applications still applies to decentralised ones, blockchain idiosyncrasies haven't yet been fully addressed from the angle of user experience. many design patterns for the development of simple and intuitive DApps.

The Cartesi SDK and Extension of Cartesi Machine

A variety of higher-level Apis that encapsulate typical uses for the core are going to be available with the release of the Cartesi SDK. These include embrace the usability and data availability solutions described above, also because of the containers for the Cartesi Node and for the development of Cartesi Machines. In time, the Apis available among the SDK would greatly reduce the scale and complexness of DApps blockchain elements. In turn, this may significantly increase the portability of DApps to multiple blockchains. The Cartesi SDK would be distributed in open source.

Cartesi Machines could be extended with 2 exciting new devices. The dehashing device provides applications the ability to traverse hash pointer data structures. Programs running within a Cartesi Machine could use the dehashing device to read the contents of a block given only its hash. though this operation is not possible generally, it becomes possible once the universe of allowed blocks is known by all parties in advance. the foremost direct application is to blockchains itself.

When a Cartesi Machine is running, the dehashing device queries a hash table, preloaded within the host, for the block that matches the hash. If a dispute arises, any party could propose the block as proof it matches the specified hash. during this method, the dehashing device enables blockchain introspection. Parties could enter into contracts that depend on the whole state of the blockchain wherever the contracts are themselves defined. This has a sort of valuable applications, notably in futures markets.

Cartesi’s Mission is to Help DApp Developers Build Ever More Compelling Products to their Clients

Like any paradigm shift, the blockchain brings both opportunities for real innovation and therefore the risk of wheel reinvention. during a direct application of the principle of least astonishment, Cartesi’s core allows developers to leverage pre-existing information and tools to spice up their productivity. The remaining elements of the Cartesi platform would help developers unleash their creativeness once taking advantage of the blockchain’s unique potentials. Cartesi additionally has several partnerships with other companies. here is some of them:

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