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Introducing MozoX, The Token of Discovery

Getting people to go online is easy, thanks to online e-commerce, which has been quite successful over the last two decades. Now, given the popularity of the online e-commerce industry, getting people to go offline has become more difficult. There is insufficient motivation to go to offline stores. Many offline stores and brands are closing due to less foot traffic. Attempts to invest heavily in large and posh shopping malls, spending monies on advertising and working on traditional loyalty point programs have shown little improvement in this downward trend.

Foot traffic is important to many types of businesses, particularly retail stores, as greater foot traffic should correlate to higher sales. Driving foot traffic to retail spaces has always been a challenge; however, loyalty programs seem to be an effective way to bring return customers back to the stores. A recent Nielsen consumer study showed that loyalty programs help drive more frequent visits and a greater number of purchases.

More than seven in ten global respondents (72%) agreed that all other factors being equal, they would buy from a retailer with a loyalty program over one without. While loyalty programs appear to be a promising tool for increasing sales, existing point-based loyalty programs do not work as well as they should.

According to Bond Loyalty’s Report 2017, more than half of point-based loyalty program participants (57%) don’t know their points balance and more than one in three of them (38%) are unaware of the value of their points, let alone how to use them. Single merchant membership reward systems are less effective and less valued by consumers and so not an effective tool for the intended purpose of increasing foot traffic.

Introducing MozoX, The Token of Discovery

Hence, the search for a more effective earn-and-redeem the loyalty program has been a challenge and the subject of extensive studies in the retail industry for years. Now, the search is over. Using breakthroughs in Blockchain, Cryptography, IoT and AI technology, Team MozoX is offering new ways to attract consumers and bring them to offline stores. Simply put, the consumer’s proof of work is to walk into a retail outlet, mall or venue, and they will be rewarded MozoX tokens for such work by the merchant, who buy MozoX tokens from us or an exchange.

Specifically, MozoX has developed, tested and launched (1) MozoX, a liquid, tradeable, and exchangeable cryptocurrency, at the heart of this new universal loyalty program network; (2) consumer and business apps each of which has an in-built digital wallet that can earn, hold, and redeem rewards globally and across merchants, wherever the internet connects you; and (3) signed contracts, and MoUs with partners to roll out 90,000 merchant locations globally, in support of 13 million consumers in 8 countries over the next 3 years.

With MozoX, consumers are turned into customers driven to retailers that offer and accept MozoX. Armed with MozoX, merchants will have the most effective and efficient loyalty program available, all under a business model that can be best described as the “Token of Discovery”. This paper shows the powerful way in which MozoX, the Token of Discovery, triggers the comeback of the physical retail industry.

How the MozoX Tokens Works in the Ecosystem

A mall could distribute MozoX tokens to any consumer who comes to shop, dine, or be entertained. In turn, the consumer can then redeem MozoX at any participating stores, or transfer to a friend as a gift. Participating stores can accumulate MozoX tokens and airdrop them to other consumers as they flock to their stores, or use them to redeem against in-mall advertising or operating costs.

All participants in this MozoX token circulation can sell or buy more tokens from an exchange in any deregulated country, or buy MozoX tokens from the website in a regulated environment. This token circulation velocity increases as more malls, merchants, venue operators, and consumers participate in MozoX ecosystem. The same concepts can be extended to cover hotels, sports stadiums, wedding halls, etc., literally to any business that relies on foot traffic to generate revenue.

Malls and merchants typically do not sign up for new programs unless there are incentives to do so. Project MozoX solves this by giving every merchant a “MozoX-in-a-Box” package. MozoX initially provide a certain number of MozoX tokens free of charge to registered merchants, as well as their custom-made Beacons. MozoX-in-a-Box will enable merchants to test revenue-generating opportunities offered by Project MozoX before they commit any budget on a regular use basis.

The amount of free MozoX tokens maybe proportional to the merchant gross floor area. Retailers and mall operators mount the Beacons on their ceiling or adhere to them on their walls, in order to reward consumers for entering their stores or malls. Retailers can also upload products and services they want consumers to discover and offer discounts to lure consumers back to their stores.

MozoX Apps Development is On the Way

MozoX business app allows the merchant to upload product marketing collateral, thereby allowing consumers to discover these products just by opening their consumer app on their smartphone. Backed by MozoX robust big data engine, the data collected from the consumer app allows the merchant to gain valuable insights into its customers.

The MozoX 3.0 release includes a complete suite: App and Retailer App for both iOS and Android, SDK for iOS and Android, Smart Contracts, Core Services, Micro Services, and Web Services for operation, token management, beacon management, system administration, token scan, and merchant onboarding services.

MozoX works by using a “smart contract” which is tied to foot traffic activities. This smart contract is established between the retailer’s smartphone or IoT device (such as a Beacon, GPS, or QR code right now with Mozo 3.2 release; and wifi and digital camera at a later date with Mozo 5.0 release) and the consumer’s smartphone as they detect each other’s device. The consumer’s smartphone and retailer’s smartphone can accept and process a transaction initiated by the consumer’s command. In other words, the MozoX contract is a user-generated transaction that transfers control commands between user-device, user-user, or user-system. Hence, They create a smart contract where the object of the smart contract is to process the transaction on the blockchain network.

MozoX Public IEO Sale on Latoken and Probit Global

As indicated in the Token Information above, The team has generated a fixed amount of 500 billion MozoX tokens on October 27, 2018. No further MozoX tokens will be generated. They held public IEO on 2 Popular exchanges which is LaToken and Probit. Website:

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