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AirSwap Offers Up to $20,000 For Its Bug Bounty

Ethereum (ETH) DEX protocol AirSwap declared that it's running a bug bounty program with rewards up to twenty,000 DAI (worth $20,000). It begins currently and continues indefinitely.

On Dec. 4, the AirSwap team aforementioned that the worth of the bug bounty rewards can rely on the severity of the bug found, in line with the OWASP risk rating methodology and as judged by the AirSwap team.

The AirSwap bug bounty rewards go up to 250 DAI for a low-level fix, and up to a pair of,000 DAI for a high-level fix. If the AirSwap team decides that the chance severity has reached a vital level, the reward can go up to twenty,000 DAI.

In Sep, the AirSwap team declared that they had discovered a vital vulnerability within the system’s new good contract, that was reportedly instantly reverted to associate older version once the problem was detected.

AirSwap noted at the time that neither AirSwap’s Instant nor merchant merchandise were suffering from the vulnerability, which solely 9 address house owners were needed to require action to forestall the loss of funds.

Bug Bounties in Cryptocurrency World

As hacks within the crypto world may result within the thieving of many immeasurable greenbacks of tokens, cryptocurrency corporations typically communicate bug bounties in a trial to combat people who cause a true threat to their security systems: hackers.

Often corporations can supply bounties on a staggering scale, with the reward worth admire the severity of the bug. Bounties will begin as low as $50 or $100 for low-level fixes, to $10,000 and a lot of for vital bugs.

In October, MakerDAO had to repair a vital bug that would have resulted in a very complete loss of funds for all platform users. The HackerOne user Lucash-dev had disclosed a report that exposed a vital bug in MakerDAO’s planned upgrade and was rewarded a $50,000 bounty. This bug delineate the primary vital finding within the MakerDAO’sbounty program

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