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SynchroBit, Trade Faster, Smarter, Easier, Cheaper, and Better than Ever!

The rapid growth of blockchain technology and the rise of diversified protocols and cryptocurrencies are changing the face of our economy, societies, and business relationships dramatically. A simple review on the internet about the cryptocurrency market in October last year indicated that there are more than 2004 listed cryptocurrencies only on website which are tradable and exchangeable in about 14287 markets with total market Cap of USD 222.8 Billion which creates a tremendous amount of daily trade volume of USD 14 Billion.

There is no doubt that the real traded amount is much more than these figures including Decentralized Exchanges, P2P trades, investments of ICOs and FCO trades beyond the conventional cryptocurrency markets.

There are Hundreds of Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms, Why SynchroBit? 

Although there are hundreds of cryptocurrency trading platforms, however, almost all of them are following metoo algorithms and business models based on the binary pairing of cryptocurrencies and paying the transaction fees to the exchange. By having a look at all current trading platform, someone can find only simple tools for pairing including buying and selling the cryptocurrencies by some fiat, USDT, BTC, ETH or platform tokens like BNB with Market, Limit, and Stop-Limit tools and options! However, everybody knows that professional and profitable trading is actually beyond that. 

One of the critical concerns of a professional trader at any exchange is the accuracy of data, real-time data, and charts. In almost all of the current exchanges, charts are not clear, adjustable, real-time, and customizable. Professional traders need reliable data and charts to do their technical analysis for pairing and investment.

At Synchronium, Their team has been in Forex and cryptocurrency investment business for a long time, and our experiences in working with major exchange platforms indicate that these platforms have lots of bugs, problems, and disadvantages that both beginners and professional traders are suffering from them.

SynchroBit is designed by an international group of experts from various sectors including digital assets trading, blockchain, programming, cybersecurity, digital marketing, financial services, and investment advisors to provide the users with innovative solutions and tools to minimize their risks and maximize their ROIs.

SynchroBit, Trade Faster, Smarter, Easier, Cheaper, and Better than Ever!

SynchroBit aims to minimize the conventional boundaries and provide its users with a comprehensive platform for trading various kinds of digital assets across multiple trading ways, including binary options, futures, options, and smart contracts. SynchroBit is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading platform on which users are dealing with each other anonymously. Due to its P2P nature, users play a vital role in the liquidity of the assets. However, SynchroBit will also provide adequate liquidity for the trading of assets and funds in partnership with global liquidity providers.

SynchroBit is a hybrid trading platform which benefits from both technological features of centralized exchange (CEX) and decentralized exchange (DEX). Due to its innovative technology and features, users will experience leading-edge security, integrity, and functionality on SynchroBit.

SynchroBit aims to minimize the trading fees by introducing its native monetary system via its token, SynchroBit Coin (SNB) token, by which the trading fees will be zero. SynchroBit is more than a digital assets trading platform and provides a wide range of innovative solutions and value-added services to its valuable users, including advanced analytics, virtual trading, social trading, and many more. It is incredibly fast, and its speed will be enhanced and improved through the next upcoming versions as well.

SynchroBit can handle 1,000,000 TXP which means every TX will take place only in 40 Nano Seconds (40 billionths of a second) on SynchroBit. SynchroBit APIs enable 3rd party developers to develop new applications and solutions to create new platforms and services. The core technology of SynchroBit synchronizes the integration of various trading solutions via hyper-secure connections. In this white-paper, you’ll discover the diversified aspects and features of SynchroBit, which make it a different and innovative digital assets trading platform for meeting the future requirements of both rookies and professional traders.  

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