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Kind of Scams and How to Not Get Scammed on Airdrop - CCA Academy Eps.04

With the charm of free cash, plenty of interested speculators will pursue the airdrops. Notwithstanding, due to this very reason, there will be a few con artists out there who will like to profit from these financial specialists. On the off chance that you are hoping to pursue an airdrop, at that point you should make every one of the strides important to ensure that you don't fall for a trick. This article portrays the various types of airdrop tricks out there. 
  1. Dump Airdrops 
  2. Private Key Scams 
  3. Data Trolling 
  4. Sleight of hand 
  5. Dump Airdrops 

Kind of Scams and How to Not Get Scammed on Airdrop


Dump airdrops are about siphon and dumps. This is the way they work: Create momentary promotion by means of consistent online networking posts. As the intrigue develops, the estimation of the tokens goes up . When the tokens are accessible in the trades, the engineers rapidly dump (sells) every one of their tokens for a decent benefit. 

When the dumping procedure is done, the designers vanish from the substance of the earth and the task passes on. How about we take a gander at a genuine model. Introducing to you EDOGE! EDOGE or Ether Doge was an undertaking that was going to breath new life into Dogecoin by making a variant of it on the Ethereum blockchain. The engineers had the option to create a buzz via airdropping 5 million EDOGE tokens. When their token hit the trades, around 24th October 2017, they dumped every one of their tokens. The cost of the tokens tumbled down drastically, as should be obvious in the diagram above. The engineers vanished and the venture was deserted. 

HOW TO AVOID: Things being what they are, how would you detect a dump airdrop? Indeed, it is difficult, however, it is feasible. To start with, you have to investigate the task's site and look into the colleagues. Look at what they have done before and how their past tasks fared. From that point forward, you have to peruse their whitepaper. See what the undertaking does and on the off chance that it is carrying any genuine incentive to the biological system. Likewise, you should survey whether the business needs a token or not. A futile token is useless 


There is a basic trick and that we state rehashed time and time. How about we make one thing obvious: NEVER EVER share your private keys!

The private key resembles your stick number. Will you simply part with your stick number to irregular outsiders? Obviously, you won't, so for what reason would it be a good idea for you to part with your private keys? 

HOW TO AVOID: Some underhanded airdrops will request your private enters in the structure. In the event that they do that, at that point you know without a doubt that they are a trick. They will clearly require your open location to send you the tokens, yet they should not be approaching you for your private keys. 


Since most of the airdrops approach a portion of your own data like email id, message handle, twitter handle and so forth., they can gather this information and offer it to different advertisers to spam you with showcasing content. On the off chance that that is insufficient, they may go above and beyond and attempt to phish you.

HOW TO AVOID: Be very cautious about these phishing endeavors. In no way, shape or form give them your email secret word or any delicate private information. To dodge data trolling you have to, by and by, do your examination. You have to check whether the venture has any authenticity or not. 


In conclusion, we have something many refer to as sleight of hand airdrops. The thought is to fool you into marking for other accomplice airdrops, while you are pursuing one. This is done so the con artist can discreetly take some referral credit. They may even get you to join siphon and dump wire or strife groups.While these don't cost any cash, they sure are irritating and misuse of your time and mind space.

HOW TO AVOID: At whatever point an airdrop approaches you to pursue another airdrop or to join a web-based life gathering, maintain a strategic distance from them. 

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