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Introducing DACX, Global Regulator Compliant Exchange Platform

Since the inception of cryptocurrencies, time after time the market has witnessed a history of security breaches resulting in loss of client funds and trust. Therefore, this has adversely affected the wider option of adoption of digital assets. In adverse market conditions, it has been a common occurrence, that during high order flows trades suffer from poor execution and slippage. The cause is high volatility which results in system overloads, especially for matching engines built on a Single-Threaded Architecture.

A system overload happens when the number of orders to be processed by the trading matching engine surpasses its handling capabilities. The system then handles orders as they come and cannot accept any new orders until the queue is cleared. This means that traders either cannot take advantage of the market or are losing more than they should as their orders are pending due to technical difficulties instead of a lack of bids/offers.

Introducing DACX, Global Regulator Compliant Exchange Platform

Financial exclusion refers to a process whereby people encounter difficulties accessing and/or using financial services and products in the mainstream market that are appropriate to their needs and enable them to lead a normal social life in the society in which they belong. Introducing DACX with a goal to provide a platform for both primary and secondary markets beyond traditional cryptocurrencies, by venturing out into the world of tokenized securities and commodities. Therefore, their product offerings cater solutions to the retail sector, professional and institutional-grade clientele.

New technology enables global businesses to reach new audiences around the globe to ensure a pathway for international clients now than ever before. The organization have been hampered with not ensuring multi-language support is part of the ongoing strategy, customers should always be at the core of your business objectives, and part of this is providing them with a seamless experience. A multilingual help desk, whether in-house or acquired through outsourcing companies is key as the product grows.

A trading matching engine is a software used to match buy orders, bids, and with sell orders, offers. It is the most crucial part of any exchanges as this is what allows users to trade with one another and the entire reason why they registered on the platform. Trading matching engines follow an algorithm that determines a set of rules they must abide by, how they work, how many orders they can handle across how many pairs and how long it takes. A multi-threaded process is more advantageous, but only a few crypto exchanges implemented it as it requires more work, experience, and time to build.

DACX Exchange Platform Features and Plus Value

DACX Exchange will be listing USD Stable coin and BTC pairs for all high cap exchange coins and utility tokens. DACX will be phasing in the listings by taking the input from the members of the community. More coins will be added over time. DACX Exchange generally will only add exchange coins and utility tokens that have strong credibility, user base, and liquidity. For existing or upcoming projects that wish to be listed on DACX Foundry for primary offering or for secondary market trading on DACX Exchange, they should reach out to benefit from the promotional listing terms and fees.

DACX Exchange platform is scalable in terms of tech and practical application therefore in by Q1 2020 they intend to have a phased rollout of STOs for primary issuance and secondary trading. DACX's roadmap is online for an Up-to-date progress indicator. DACX Exchange will roll out the platform in roughly the following order: Spot trading of Exchange coins & Utility tokens, Primary offering and secondary market trading of Security Tokens, Margin trading of CryptoCurrencies, Margin trading of Fiat Currencies, DEFI.

An order is simply an instruction to open or close a trade. There are two main types of order: entry orders and closing orders. Order Types Both orders to open and orders to close come in different forms: Market Orders, Limit Orders and Stop Orders. Order duration is the length of time your order will remain active in the market until it expires. Different order durations allow you to control how long your order remains active.

Investment Place, Introducing DACX Foundry

Introducing DACX Foundry, current starting off with the IEO platform. The foundry would be an avenue for new creative projects to be brought out of a concept to life via kickstart funding opportunities. This allows new blockchain startups to launch their own compliant initial exchange offering on completion of the internal assurance process. With relevant licenses in place Foundry would later integrate technical infrastructure to enable primary issuance of tokenized securities (STOs) and would support beyond ERC20 token standards and be compatible with multiple blockchains. This enables us to disrupt capital markets, commodities and commercial real estate sectors.

DACX's Unique location in the fintech capital of Europe and the heart London financial district of Canary Wharf presents us with a strong position to leverage openings and attract investors. In addition to this, they are strategically placed to vet many upcoming Fintech and AI startup companies inclusive of SME, providing an alternative liquidity solution from a different subset of investors, and therefore give these high growth tech startups an opportunity to grow into future unicorn companies. DACX native utility token is the first official IEO project launching on DACX Foundry. The DACX Foundry token sale is on a first-come, first-served basis. The sale will be based on USD and the actual price in USD stable coin will be announced on the day of sale.

DACX Token, The Core of DACX Ecosystem

DACX have issued their own utility token, called the DACX Token. A strict limit of 786,786,786 DACX has been created, never to be increased and total supply will be reduced through frequent token burns. DACX token will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain under ERC 20 token standards. You can use DACX to pay for any fees on the platform, including but not limited to: Exchange fees, Withdraw fees, Listing fees, Any other fee.

Professional Team Behind the Project

As the information comes from ICOBench, Zeeshan Chaudhry as the CEO of DACX Project is a professional in this field. With 4.9/5 Score of Successful ICO based on ICOBench data. Graduated in economics and further pursued a postgrad MSc in Financial Engineering with a specialization in quantitative risk analytics. Experience varies from developing and testing risk models for operational risks to market risk for commodities, FX and credit derivatives. He's also worked in the commercial real estate sector, developing predictive models using machine learning algorithms for discovery of price inefficiencies/arbitrage. Meet the team behind this project:

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