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How to Take Part in Airdrops? and What Should We Prepare? - CCA Academy Eps.03

How to Take Part in Airdrops? What Should We Prepare? Indeed, you can get included whenever you need to. There are only three things that you should begin:

  1. Cryptocurrency Wallet
  2. The Base Tokens
  3. Access to Information

How to Take Part in Airdrops? What Should We Prepare?

#1 Cryptocurrency Wallet

The Ultimate Guide to Airdrops (Free Tokens) 

A cryptographic money wallet is an advanced wallet that you can use to store, send and get different digital forms of money. 

The wallet isn't actually a wallet in an old-style sense. You don't actually "store" your cash as a genuine wallet does. Rather, it spares your open and private keys which thus causes you to send and get cash. This is the primary thing that you have to do on the grounds that you will require a spot to keep every one of your tokens. 

You can investigate the accompanying wallets to help store your crypto:
  1. Trezor
  2. Ledger Nano S
  3. MyEtherWaller
  4. Exodus

#2 Base Tokens

EOS, Ethereum, and Bitcoin are largely instances of base tokens. The motivation behind why we call them base tokens is on the grounds that a larger part of the ventures worked in the crypto space are either made over or are forked off from those three. 

In this way, in the event that you need to partake in airdrops, at that point you have to have these tokens. You can go to any trade at the present time and exchange for those three. They are basically accessible all over the place. Coinbase is a decent spot to begin. 

Remember that you will get your airdrop tokens with respect to your stake (the quantity of base tokens that you have). 

#3 Access to Information 

Alright, so since you have your wallet and base tokens, the following thing you have to do is to know when and where precisely are these airdrops occurring. Some time back, the main way that you could have monitored every one of the airdrops is by sensibly experiencing gatherings like BitcoinTalk, be that as it may, the procedure is a lot less complex and clear at this point. 

There are a few destinations which are devoted just to airdrops and different online life channels which explicitly investigates these different airdrops. To kick you off, this is the thing that you have to do: 

  1. Pursue applicable Twitter accounts 
  2. Join significant Telegram gatherings and online airdrop discussions 
  3. Utilize online administrations like Airdropaddict and Icodrops which will inform you of looming airdrops. 

Sorts of Airdrops 

There are various types of airdrops which require an alternate arrangement of activities to open. Along these lines, how about we experience a portion of the various kinds of airdrops: 
  1. Standard Airdrop 
  2. Abundance Airdrop 
  3. Holder Airdrop 
  4. Hardfork Airdrop 
  5. Selective Airdrop 

Standard Airdrop: These airdrops expect you to pursue a pamphlet or different refreshes. You basically register with your name and email ID and get equipped for the airdrop. 

Abundance Airdrop: For this situation, you have to play out an action to meet all requirements for the airdrop. Most normal action incorporates tweeting about the undertaking. You will get compensated for your activities. 

Holder Airdrop: This sort of airdrop happens when you hold certain particular tokens in your wallet. Along these lines, EOS-based crypto will airdrop some free tokens to you, if you are holding EOS tokens in your wallet. 

Hardfork Airdrop: When a coin hardforks from its unique convention, the holders of the first coin are equipped for the new coin's airdrop also. Like we have referenced previously, the Bitcoin Cash airdrop on Bitcoin holders is an ideal model. 

Select Airdrops: Suppose you are a reliable/VIP individual from a specific venture, site, club and so on. You may fit the bill for elite airdrops which every other person may not be conscious of. As the name recommends, this airdrop is held solely for a particular network.

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