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Freelanex Inovation, Blockchain Technology for Freelancing Platform

The Freelance Economy is the latest and by far the strongest transformational factor in the global employment landscape. Until a decade ago, ‘freelancers’ were identified as individuals working between jobs or working in a part-time capacity only. The emergence of technology and high-speed Internet access is rapidly changing this perspective, with more and more professionals joining the freelancing bandwagon. Research indicates more than fifty-seven million Americans are either working as full-time or part-time freelancers.

Despite its growing popularity, the freelance the economy is fret with multiple congenital challenges. Freelanex proposes an autonomous Freelance economy that addresses critical problems such as lack of trust, high intermediary fee, operational challenges, and lack of a robust dispute resolution system. Freelanex aims to build an ecosystem that makes it easier to find legitimate freelance opportunities reduce intermediary fee resolves trust issues among freelancers and employers, and equips freelancers with intuitive tools for efficiency and management.

Freelanex, Blockchain Technology for Freelancing Platform

Freelanex plans to use blockchain technology for its freelancing platform. It intends to capitalize on the key features of blockchain technology including transparency, immutability, security, and efficiency. The global freelancing industry is valued at over 3.7 trillion USD. In terms of popularity and adoption, Europe boasts the largest percentage of freelancers (35.5%) followed by Asia (28%), Latin America (29.2%), and Africa 10.1%. The on-demand economy is transforming the global workforce, with more than 57 million freelancers in the U.S alone. The current freelancing demographics are dominated by young professionals, with 20% to 30% of the young workforce in the EU and U.S involved in independent work. 

Freelanex is a decentralized platform which provides an environmental system on Blockchain. It represents a unique opportunity for approaching bargains by using a decentralized System with smart contracts, through an interface user-friendly. Everything will be managed thanks to a transparent and the decentralized portal that will help in gaining the confidence in the transaction between the client and the freelancer.

Blockchain Technology to Upgrade Services and Expand the Relationship Between the Freelancers and Their Clients

Freelanex live in a time highly affected by the technological revolution and other digital influences. And in most cases of these new technologies play an important role in our life. At this stage Frelanex has been able to think about a revolutionary idea and how to implement it. Through a multidisciplinary study they found that there is a defect in the independent economy and there is a demand to organize the standards of safety, to establish a reliable business relationship between the freelancers and clients. This is the reason behind the search about the characteristics and standards of the Blockchain technology to upgrade services and expand the relationship between the freelancers and their clients.

Blockchain is the best tool Freelanex can use to create an effective solution to overcome the problems faced by the freelancers. This can be achieved by building an ecosystem based on Blockchain to provide transparency and trust between customers and freelancers; the system is decentralized through the use of innovative technology solutions for the new generation of new concepts. In addition, smart contracts will provide an opportunity to create new concepts as well as implement the data through an intelligent programmable contract (while the transactions were unreliable between both sides before).

The system will examine every action, including the review of the implementation processes smart contract and skill assessment by the participants in the platform within an unbreakable mass. There is a good vision in combat In addition to this, Freelanex aims at fighting global unemployment and helping the motivated people – by providing free employment for individuals. This way they will find their job in a flexible and smooth way and will get the payment, so that the whole economy will take benefits day by day.

Summarily, Freelanex offers a unique payment gateway and multiple incentives through the use of its utility token and platform wallet. This gives freelancers across globe easier access to payments, currency exchanges, and work right protection. 

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