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Freelanex Help to Connects Freelancers All Around the World With Job Opportunities

Fast-forward to the modern world of technology and the internet, the 9-to-5 work routine is facing stiff competition from the freelancing economy. Technology has been a great enabler in the current business landscape, allowing teams to coordinate with remote members, work with international clients, and access opportunities that were once considered unapproachable. It is the very backbone of ‘Globalization.’ 

A growing number of people around the globe are choosing to freelance over traditional employment. Not only does it offer an alternative source of income, but it offers freedom to choose projects, work from any location, and to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Unlike traditional businesses, a single computer/laptop, a ubiquitous unlimited the data plan and a freelancing account is all one needs to become a part of the on-demand economy. Furthermore, instead of being a local trend, freelancing has become a global phenomenon, with thousands of people joining the worldwide freelance economy every day. 

The Global Freelance World is Growing Up Every Year More and More

In the United States, over one-third of the workforce is currently comprised of self-employed individuals; India’s workforce has a reported 15 million freelancers. These numbers are expected to improve in the following years. 

Frelanex believe in empowering freelancers and providing them with a trusted environment to connect with job opportunities everywhere, anywhere and at any time. Frelanex has recognized that the environment for freelancers and clients are very volatile at this moment and Frelanex is on a mission to build trust and a pleasant workspace for all.

Freelanex connects millions of freelancers all around the world with job opportunities through a real work environment created to promote collaboration, transparency and payment security. Freelanex is leveraging the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence to build the largest and most trusted online workspace environment for freelancers while allowing them to invest and benefit equally through platform scalability. Frelanex envisions a future where freelancers all over the world will have unrestricted access to growth and trust while working online.

Creating FLXC Token, Why Choose Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain can guarantee transactions agreed between freelancers and their clients by using smart contracts. Smart contracts are used to merge contract conditions making decisions automatic – according to the rules of blockchain and smart contract – for each person in the network as well as transactions on the ledger

The FLXC Token is a blockchain-based a cryptocurrency (based on the Ethereum protocol) allowing peer-to-peer compensation and payments, based on smart contracts on the blockchain platform. A total of 500 million FLXC Tokens will be minted for the full life span of the platform. The FLXC Token will be freely transferable with advanced functions and an active ecosystem. Since the Cryptocurrencies are not linked to the exchange rate interest transaction fees or any other charges in any country, they can be used at the international level without any problem – speeding up aspects of international cash flows and making financial transactions very easy in accordance with the legal controls and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)

The value of the token is expected to strongly increase over time with the increased use and adoption of the platform specifics. The FLXC Token is a digital B-class share with an initial price applicable at the beginning of the IEO set at US$0.004. FLXC Tokens will be available on multiple cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Bitfinex, Huobi, KuCoin, YoBit, Bittrex, etc.

The tokens will be permitted to float and be traded P2P. The price of the FLXC Token will be determined by market forces and cryptocurrency exchange mechanisms. Users will be able to buy and sell the FLXC Tokens using fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

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