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Introducing Alchemy, Global Convergence of Digital Payments

After a half of decade years of development, the electronic payment network has long been deviated from the consensus mechanism of industry associations and has become a centralized giant. For the protection of their own interests, the "giants" have adopted various strict and cumbersome rules and access mechanisms. However, due to the complexity of the organization, the implementation process is very opaque, which breeds bureaucratic inaction and corruption, resulting in low efficiency of payment innovation, complicated payment rate and high risk.

At the same time, the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the innovation of various industries stimulated by blockchain technology are rising. Based on blockchain technology, the future of cryptocurrency is immeasurable, with a compound annual growth rate of thirty percent. The total global market value of cryptocurrencies is expected to reach two thousand billion by the next two years. If 1/3 of the market value enters the circulation field, it will exceed the estimated global electronic payment market of five hundred billion USD in 2018.

Alchemy, The Global Convergence of Digital Payments

The vision of Alchemy Global Payment Solutions Limited (Alchemy is the brand name of Alchemy Global Payment Solutions Limited while ACH is the Token issued by the Alchemy, and is used as the abbreviation below.) is to provide open-source protocols and rapid product development platforms for the ecosystem partners to help them with fast, secure, convenient, flexible and fast-growing global payment solutions, based on the decentralization, smart contracts and consensus mechanisms from blockchain technology.

Through the rich experiences of Alchemy and its eco-partners in mobile payment applications, the team is confident to lead the payment industry's technology application in the blockchain era and to use the solutions where the traditional payment is popular with merchants. Through decentralized smart contract payment agreements and the incentives for the innovation capabilities of various payment technology companies, the team aims to activate the human wealth of technical talents, use the agreement to reach the consensus of the industry community, and guarantee the transparent implementation of rules with technology, so that the cryptocurrency can become an important part of the real-life transaction soon.

Alchemy's strength lies in the team's deep understanding of the payment industry and operational experience. The team knows the global payment technology trend of wallet payment, cross-border acquiring, corporate funds collection, collecting solutions for multi-level distribution and other traditional payment programs. It possesses a favorable network in the tech community in Asian payments.

Alchemy's Decentralized Payment Network Features

The Alchemy decentralized payment network features are as follows: Open and scalable Alchemy consensus protocol to establish payment industry norms and promote changes in the payment industry, Use lightning network technology to achieve real-time transaction of existing electronic payments, Offer the most comprehensive support for various cryptocurrency payments for consumers and businesses to choose, Online/Offline one-stop order; seamless integration with mainstream; smart POS; fast access to various applications for online SDK/Plugin/API, Decentralized infrastructural network, operation and governance networks, including dispute arbitration, custody, credit scoring, risk control, anti-fraud, clearing, etc., to greatly improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Next, Basic payment functions and solutions for large-scale commercial applications: Pullpay and Pushpay; combined payment, subscription payment, targeted payment; multiple types of account systems, Visual, simple, standardized smart contract market; the lower threshold for commercial use of smart contracts, Self-evolving communities and open ecosystems; attract more innovation technology companies to join the community and promote the development of the industry's public chain, Perfected localization compliance and anti-money laundering programs for different countries and regions.

Alchemy believes that the payment of cryptocurrency should be more convenient, safer and more secure than the existing mobile wallet payment. For merchants, the cryptocurrency should be more comprehensive, safer and more efficient than the current aggregation payment scheme.

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