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Why We Need SwapZilla in Todays Cryptocurrency Trading

The cryptocurrency market has survived great ups and downs and continues to grow rapidly. The hype has left the market, but trading volumes are continuing to grow. The memberships of new and existing trading platforms are growing every day. Now, there are more than 240 exchanges operating on the market and trading is significantly diversified: for example, the three largest exchanges (Binance, BitMax, OKEX), only take less than 2% of the market share. There are more than 2,000 crypto coins and currencies in circulation, though the largest exchanges, only support 500 currency pairs. Smaller exchanges only support 5 – 10 currency pairs. At the same time, the speed of issuing and executing orders in the cryptocurrency market is several times lower than, on FOREX. Market infrastructure leaves much to be desired.

Why We Need SwapZilla in Todays Cryptocurrency Trading

As a result, traders who want to make money cryptocurrency trading have a number of inconveniences: the need to use a large number of accounts on various exchanges; difficulty tracking portfolio value and assessing returns; an incomplete list of assets on individual crypto exchanges; limited functionality and tools; inconvenient interface and incorrect accounting of transactions; losses with large trading volumes; hacker attacks and fraud; complex and long KYC procedures.

SwapZilla are building a platform that is designed to make a trading process quick and convenient. By using the SwapZilla platform, the investor will receive all the necessary tools to have access to any crypto-asset class: Instant access to any crypto assets in the “single window” mode. Search for the best deals. Minimum fees for customers. The possibility of a profitable sale of large volumes of assets (cascade placement of orders). Access to margin trading. Customizable virtual trader’s office with the ability to connect to third-party software products.

Another significant problem is the lack of a unified information space. To select the best assets and trading strategies, an investor is forced to look for information on open sources, analyze dozens of news resources and read many analytical channels in search of suitable trading ideas. This makes the investment process long and laborious. This problem reduces the attractiveness of the crypto market, and often becomes a barrier to the entry of new investors. SwapZilla will change that forever. Our trading platform will provide the user with a comprehensive service, that will make trading simple and convenient.

Unique Information and Analytical System Provides by SwapZilla

With SwapZilla's unique information and analytical system, a trader using SwapZilla will receive: Aggregated information and news on any asset or market segment. Personalized feed. Updated catalog of the most effective trading strategies. Recommendations and analytics from market experts. Market signals. SwapZilla also understands that there is a significant number of potential investors who do not have an opportunity to spend a lot of time managing their portfolio. SwapZilla's task is to offer such clients a service that would allow them to receive passive income, with minimal efforts. 

SwapZilla will include the modules for: Mirror trading: copy the strategies of the most successful traders using SwapZilla trading platform. Passive arbitrage trading, carried out through the algorithms developed their specialist team. Passive lending for margin trading. A deep understanding of the needs of all types of customers will allow us to develop the most comprehensive and effective trading tools. Unique conditions and a wide variety of functions will lead to multiple increases in the number of users of SwapZilla service. SwapZilla's goal is to become, not only the best trading platform but also to create an infrastructure solution that will meet the requirements of all market players: private investors, professional managers, stock exchanges, news and information publications, companies developing trading strategies, etc.

it will give them a constant influx of new customers and an increased volume of transactions. Currently, in order to attract new users, the crypto exchanges have to have huge advertising and marketing budgets, their platform will change that forever. Customers who come to the SwapZilla trading platform will make deals on all exchanges connected to SwapZilla.

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