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TEE-Coin, A Reward Token Based on Cryptocurrency Technology

With the popularisation of the Internet and smartphones, information and knowledge can be easily accessed. However, users cannot easily get hold of the information they really need because of the sheer amount of information on the internet. The key to obtaining accurate information is the ability to navigate the open-seas of the internet. In other words, users must be able to exclude unnecessary information and filter to get only the true and correct information and narrow down to find information that serves the purpose.

A user’s own experience is the primary source of information which is used for decision making, followed by recommendations from family members, friends, and acquaintances. In other words, other people’s experiences count too! Next in line is probably the information from articles, books, and the media. At TEE-COIN, they focus on the user’s own experience (the primary source) and the shared experience from other people. Other people share their experiences and users utilize that in their own decision-making. That’s what reviews are all about! According to search engines, the probability of reviews influencing the buying behavior of consumers is at least 88%.

TEE-Coin, A Reward Token Based on Cryptocurrency Technology

Using cryptocurrency technology built on blockchain, ChatTee generates TEE-coin as a reward for appropriate reviews. Inappropriate reviews that are created in a stealth manner are excluded by their AI engines. Consumers can thereafter select merchants from the library of genuine user reviews. TEE-coins are also used to thank people for providing information that is truly needed by consumers. 

Many students give lectures on YouTube to help people around the world who cannot receive sufficient education. Those who receive information benefits enormously. YouTube has become a “tips jar” platform for live streams that allows viewers to pay a sum of money to compensate for what they deem as valuable or for the feelings of “Amazing!” and “Thank you!”. Instead of featuring money as an incentive, the ChatTee platform enables anyone to conveniently use TEE-coins at any time to thank reviewers for providing information and knowledge. 

TEE-coin was named by taking the first letters of some of these inspiring words: "Thank you for sharing your Experience and Explorations”. They are creating coins that are will be used by numerous users as “Thanks” coins. Adopting blockchain technology, TEE-coin strives to be a worldwide cryptocurrency that can become a medium for exchange. Anyone can easily send money or make payments safely and in a speedy manner (the transaction speed is only 4 seconds - one of the fastest in the eco-system today). TEE-coin is truly suitable for building a comprehensive reward system and establishing substantial distribution channels.

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