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Introducing SwapZilla, Unique Infrastructure Solution that Revolutionizes Crypto Trading

The blockchain has changed the world of technology forever. The list of its applications has shown that it can achieve a high level of transparency and security. The technology combines unique features that make it one of the foundations of the new economy. The anonymity of users, full availability of transaction information, the complete impossibility of hacking or tampering with data due to decentralization, no third party is required to certify transactions, all matters are regulated only by two parties, record of transactions is stored in the registry for all users and are updated for all at the same time.

The first main application of blockchain technology was a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Its emergence has revolutionized payment systems around the world, allowing people to easily, quickly and safely make international transactions with minimal commissions. Then Ethereum had fantastic success, presenting the ability to generate tokens (ERC201), create DAO2s and apply smart contracts. Over the past few years, blockchain technology has reached incredible popularity and attracted the attention of the general public. The practical use of the blockchain is no longer limited to payment systems. New areas of its development are the transformation of business models, process optimization and the integration of technologies into existing businesses.

Introducing SwapZilla, Unique Infrastructure Solution that Revolutionizes Crypto Trading

SwapZilla's goal is to become a unique infrastructure the solution, creating value for each of our clients and partners. SwapZilla will provide users with comprehensive services and most advanced trading tools. SwapZilla offers a modern high-tech trading platform, where the user will get instant access to information, news and analytical data, hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges and a wide variety of trading tools — all in one window: Collection of the price data on different exchanges allows SwapZilla users to make transactions at the most favorable rate and minimize the risks of exchange manipulation.

SwapZilla trading core provides the user with a wide range of functions for a quick and convenient execution of transactions, as well as for monitoring and analyzing the trades. The arbitrage, mirror, and margin trading modules allow the user to receive passive income on their platform. Through the SwapZilla information and analytical core, their clients will get convenient access to news, analytics, and recommendations specially selected for them. The system of verification, storage, and transmission of data, enables the SwapZilla users to get the most secure and efficient crypto exchange experience.

SwapZilla want the user experience to be as convenient as possible, that is why SwapZilla provide an opportunity for self-configuration of a personal account and connecting or disabling different additional tools and modules (setting up a trading window, setting up a news feed, etc.). It is important for us to create an infrastructure solution that will provide value not only for the user but also for their partners. SwapZilla will be free for any B2B player on the cryptocurrency market, in return, they will get an instant increase in their client base. It is important to note that the exchanges will receive “clean customers”: SwapZilla platform will fully carry out all the necessary KYC4 and AML5 procedures, monitor customer reputations and provide technical support. The trading platforms will receive commission income from the transactions made by their users and will not incur the associated costs. SwapZilla will also develop the most convenient and automated systems for quick and easy integration to their ecosystem. This will allow any partner to connect to SwapZilla's system quickly and with minimal integration costs.

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