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Cupid-bit (CBIT), Digital Interest in Love Expression, Based on Blockchain Technology

As the eternal theme of human beings, love is an important component of the cultural tourism industry in various countries. It has a profound impact on the consumer side and the production side. It is an important way to leverage and activate the market economy. Men and women in the love experience will pass the language, behavior like a hug, kiss, etc., items like roses, drills, Stone, gifts, etc. Gifts and ceremonial activities like wedding, wedding anniversary, etc. to express love, record. Good, complete a contract of the soul. In the constant expression of each other, love is spiritual wealth. With every expression of love, it may be necessary to use goods as a carrier, thus contributing to a large number of commodity transactions. And the flow of value constitutes a huge total love economy.

Cupid-bit (CBIT), Digital Interest in Love Expression, Based on Blockchain Technology

Blockchain digital technology can not be tampered with the faithful nature of love is consistent, which has become Cupid DAPP to provide love chain services in the spiritual level of consensus, each expression of love is a natural commitment is a basis for both sides to maintain the spiritual contract, block chain provides a new technical guarantee for this contract. To meet the spiritual needs of couples in the new era and make all men and women in love happier. Cupid is creating City Love & romantic culture IP & increasing business value-added and economic benefits. Using the strategy of Cupid's digital platform, love witness and love IP empowerment, the city couples provide services such as love witness and love experience to help create a personalized and recognizable love IP business model. Let the city center of Cupid not only achieve higher economic returns but also become the love culture brand of the city.

Cupid-bit (CBIT) Innovative Application

Cupid-bit (CBIT) is a digital interest in love expression, based on blockchain technology. Innovative application of love scenes. On the Cupid DApp, send CBIT to express love to the other party. Love on the chain service, peer-to-peer love expression and the use of CBIT, breaking through the limitations of time and space, recorded in love on the account book. The irresistible property of the blockchain is a symbol of love and loyalty, this spiritual contract, become a unique love experience in the digital age. Cupid will make love more beautiful and rich, let the flow of love economy. The movement is more convenient, allowing participants to harvest the dual wealth of spirit and material in the process of expressing love.

Cupid (CBIT) builds Applications which are first, Love onchain service, a point to point love expression. Then Love Delivery Service, a loving delivery mode. Again, Secret Love Mode, a school beauty face value realization. Not only that they also build Wedding Witness, a wedding onchain, relatives and friends witnessed. Love Mining Machine, a smart necklace love expression, and empowering merchants promote brand marketing innovation. Check out the details on their site here: Here is the professional team behind this great project.

Cupid Token (CBIT) will issue a total of 10 billion Tokens, Cupid Token is needed to run all of those ecosystems above. Here is the object proportion quantity (CBIT) description.
  • Investors (20%) 2 billion issued to specifically qualified investors
  • Founding Team (15%) 1.5 billion Founding teams holding
  • Foundation (15%) 1.5 billion value management operation and maintenance
  • Ecological Construction (50%) 5 billion Community operation, promotion, and community ecological construction
  • Total (100%) 10 billion
And the good news is the CBIT already could be traded on You can trade with USDT pair in this link CBIT looks promising now with a great volume and uptrend move like we can see on the chart below,

With their developing apps and this good volume, it's possible to get a higher price when the apps have done or another great news ahead. But friendly reminder Trading digital assets involves significant risk. You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved. We shall not hold liable to any gain or loss of your trades.

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  1. I think CBIT value will rise with new big exchange, i hope huobi, okex, or binance 😛😛

  2. a very brilliant idea combining love and blockchain technology,hope will be successful in the future !

  3. I think is a big project, with everything advantages...thanks for sharing sirr

    1. I think so! Let's support them, and you're welcome 😁