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Project WITH, Creating a Win-Win Ecosystem between Athlete, Club, Agent and Fan

The global sports market is recording an annual growth rate of 6% (2005-2017) with the media, league, sports brands, clubs, associations, and fans at the core; in 2017 it grew to become an approximately 90-billion-dollar market, demonstrating rapid growth. The global sports market, together with its average annual growth, is also demonstrating an impressive market expansion to the extent of exceeding the GDP growth rates of the world's leading nations, by 10-400%.

Project WITH is a new platform that supports the career development of sports players by utilizing blockchain technology provides clubs with the optimum window to scout players, and provides fans with the platform of interaction and sharing information that was previously unavailable. Sports are often called the universal language that transcends language, gender, and race, and it is known that nearly one billion people around the world enjoy various sports activities. According to the research data of global statistic firm Statista, the scale of the global sports market is valued at $90 billion and the industrial growth exceeds global GDP growth every year, and this trend is expected to continue in the future.

The "sports industry" is very extensive from professional sports to recreation, fashion, and games. Project WITH aims to develop the platform that delights fans by supporting the transfer/scout and reasonable valuations of "athletes", who are the protagonist of sports scene entertaining the public, to ensure that all athletes are given a fair opportunity and continue a stable career. Starting with the football industry which has biggest scale and growth in the sports industry, the platform of Project WITH will gradually expand to baseball, basketball, cricket, and other league-run team sports, and in a near future, it aims to expand to individual events such as golf, tennis, and etc.

The WITH team is devoted to carrying out research in the necessary requirements and technical qualifications of various Mainnets in order for the launching of an optimized platform. Regarding the characteristic of WITH, the minimization of commissions raised from transactions along with a strong ability to handle transactions are preferred qualifications that must be established. In the case o the uploading, saving, and sharing of data owned by a myriad of pro/ semi-professional and amateur
athletes across the globe, in addition to the transactions among a greater number of fans, higher efficiency of transaction and launching of the platform, will be required. Currently, the WI H team is in the middle of long-term discussions with various blockchain Mainnet enterprises and their engineering teams; it is planned that the most favorableMainnet will be selected after finalizing a specific roadmap for developing a WITH blockchain model.

Project WITH is a Self-sustaining Platform with a Well-defined Business Model

Project WITH is a self-sustaining platform with a well-defined business model. The platform possesses 4different business models and explanations for each are as follows.
  1. Commissions resulting from information inquiry and connection with agents: Upon personal information inquiry of the athlete/club, and the connection between club and athlete, WINT is used as the monetary unit. Within the process, a portion of WINT is deducted from the WITH platform in the form of commission and is then made into profit after a 30 day conversion period, as shown below.
  2. Commissions resulting from sales of charged contents: The contents uploaded to the information-sharing community can be categorized to being either free or charged. In the case of charged contents, a portion of the sum transaction amount becomes the commission sales of the WITH platform.
  3. Athlete valuation: Provides information for athlete valuation by using the uploaded athlete information. Making use of the athlete valuation algorithm developed by the WITH team, the system produces relevant athlete valuation resources, which thereafter gets uploaded to the platform. Users who wish to receive athlete valuation information must make WINT payments that differ depending on the standards of information, to the WITH platform.
  4. Advertisements within the platform: Is not contained in Version I, but in the Complete Version to be distributed in 2019 Quarter 4/2020 Quarter 1, advertisements from sports enterprises, will be displayed on the platform. Enterprises wishing for the display of advertisement must purchase WIKEN from the exchange market, and further make the payment to WITH platform as advertisement commission.

WITH Application Function: Registration for Career Matching, Assessment for Athlete Market Value, and Curation for Sports Contents

WITH Application mainly has functions of 1) Registration for Career Matching, 2) Assessment for Athlete Market Value, 3) Curation for Sports Contents, Examples of WITH Application Development by Functions are as follows:
  1. Registration for Career Matching: The WITH platform is primarily intended to create value through the active provision of information by users. The information that athlete can upload to the WITH Platform consists of l) basic information including personal information and contact information, 2) physical information related to physical growth, 3) medical information that demonstrates injury history, and WIKEN paid to the athletes for each information provided is differentiated In the application, the more information available, the more detailed the shape of the athlete's avatar, and the athlete's up and downloaded information history and WlKEN's in and outflow are more clearly displayed.
  2. Assessment for AthleteMarket Value: The information of athletes provided on WITH Platform is calculated as a metric through the assessment algorithm of athletes developed by the WlTH team. The athlete valuation consists of, l) quantitative assessment based on quantitative information, 2) qualitative assessment based on non-metrical information, and the final valuation results will be calculated by combining quantitative and qualitative assessments with appropriate weights. In WITH application, the user is provided with athlete's basic information and valuation information by setting up the athlete search item. The athlete valuation information is comparable between the peers, thus provides intuitive support for users in making athlete transfer-related decisions.
  3. Curation for Sports Contents: WITH platform induces involvement of fans in the platform through content creation and distribution in a short-term, and development of gamification in a long term For the contents created directly by fans or through first processing (translation, editing, etc.), WITH will be provided by differential pricing depending on the level of influence and quality of the content according to WINT that the uploader possesses. WITH application provides various communication channels such as blogs and BBS to support active content creation and distribution of fans.

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