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How Hawk Build a Smart Travel Network with Blockchain Technology

The Internet of Things (a.k.a. IoT) is called the third revolution of the world information industry after computers and the Internet. At present, many countries are spending huge sums of money on research and development. IoT is a new technology system that combines multiple information technologies. y installing tiny identification devices on air conditioners, automobiles, electronic instruments, thermometers and other equipment, information like position and state of objects can be known at all times, thus achieving intelligent management. The concept of Auto-ID is supported by wireless sensor networks and radio frequency identification technology.

Hawk Build a Smart Travel Network with Blockchain Technology

The essence of the blockchain is an autonomous peer-to-peer trading network. The nodes of the network can be ordinary users or industrial enterprises. Only multi-party consensus, through the technology of smart contracts and distributed ledger books, can realize the ecosystem network that everyone can participate in multi-party construction. The tamper-proof, decentralized and fully autonomous ecology that everyone can participate in is consistent with the nature of the shared economy. The sharing economy is a peer-to-peer business model that will be in a more advanced state with the application of the blockchain. The ideas behind community autonomy will inspire people around the world to participate and benefit from the development of the Hawk Network.

Hawk Build a Decentralized Blockchain IoT Network

The Hawk Network will build a decentralized blockchain IoT network. Rather than a traditional centralized network, intermediaries will be cut off during peer-to-peer transaction settlement between users and service providers and we expect transaction costs to be reduced by nearly twenty percent. During the transaction, when the user orders or purchases a service (such as booking a room), the Hawk Network token will be used as a transaction certificate. Users may need to freeze a certain amount of tokens as deposits, which will be released upon completion of the transaction. The entire transaction process will be handled by smart contracts and cross-linked hosting technology to ensure authenticity, legitimacy, and compliance. By using HAWK to trade users and merchants, we will be able to achieve real-time billing and eliminate the risks and costs associated with common payment methods on existing platforms.

Hawk Fully Realize Localized Investment and Operations

The Hawk Network will fully realize localized investment and operations, and all IoT devices or travel hardware will be purchased by the eco-enterprise and then connected to the network. For example, for scooters used for travel, business users purchase a certain number of scooters and then launch them in the local city. The advantage of localization is that business decision-makers are familiar with local policies and laws, better understand the usage habits of local users, and can quickly and easily maintain equipment. In this mode, in the near future, users can use various services on different occasions to bring them a smoother experience. 

Hawk Records User and Service Provider Data on Blockchains

The Hawk Network records user and service provider data on blockchains such as identity information, asset information, transaction records, and comments on different services. Instead of storing and accessing data in a centralized database, we store and extract data through a distributed storage scheme with a private key, which means that the data is not tampered with and can only be accessed by the owner. Based on the authenticity and non-tamperability of all user and asset data in the Hawk Network ecosystem, Hawk Network will form a multi-win cooperative network with car owners, riders, community partners, etc. An ecosystem of other hardware partners. This ecology is a positive ecological model that is interdependent and mutually motivating. This collaborative relationship is positive, not a traditional competitive relationship. When this collaborative system is launched, it will show a very large wealth effect.


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