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Hawk Network, Distributed Intelligent IoT Technology Infrastructure

The idea of applying blockchain technology to the field of the Internet of Things has existed for some time. In fact, Blockchain technology seems to be an appropriate solution to IoT at least three aspects: big data management, security and transparency, and the convenience of service exchange between interconnected smart devices. IoT is essentially linked to large data. With the increasing number of IoT units installed, the consumption habits and behavior patterns data collected in the Internet of Things have multiplied. How to deal with this huge data has become a problem that must be solved. In this case, some people think that "there is no alternative option only the use of blockchain technology".

Blockchain technology can not only provide an appropriate solution for recording data of all IoT units but also ensure that once the data is recorded, it cannot be changed again. As a result, Alex Tapscott, co-author of Blockchain Revolution: How Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Currency, Commerce and the World. Blockchain technology can be further used to solve security and identity problems related to IoT. One of the biggest challenges in securing the Internet of Things is identity. More specifically, how do we ensure that millions or billions of smart devices connect and communicate safely with each other is the goal of the research on Hawk Network?

Hawk Network, Distributed Intelligent IoT Technology Infrastructure

Hawk Network refers to the technical infrastructure of the world's leading distributed intelligent Internet of Things, which integrates edge computing, big data and blockchain technology. It aims to provide enterprises with lower access costs and a more efficient and trusted Internet of Things. Taking intelligent hardware as its base, artificial intelligence as its core, big data technology as a foundation, and blockchain distributed ledger to balance its ecosystem and production factors, Hawk Network intends to ultimately achieve the goal of enabling the global Internet of Things. 

Black Hawk Knight (a.k.a. BHK) is the first application on Hawk Network. BHK aims to provide users with decentralized shared electric scooters for intelligent short-distance travel in cities. The hardware performance of BHK scooters is superior, and its energy efficiency ratio is 60% higher than that of similar products. It is planned to be distributed across over 50 countries and regions around the world. This distribution strategy adheres to the ideology of decentralization of blockchain, and all BHK corporate investors around the world will share the dividend brought by scaling up the entire distributed travel network through distributed ledger technology. Meanwhile, BHK Intelligent Scooter is also a super mining device-riding scooter meani mining, which not only conforms to the concept of having a green planet under sustainable development, but also belongs to a community incentive model.

HAWK Token is the value exchange medium of Hawk Network

By innovating the technological scheme and economic model, Hawk Network applies edge computing, user digital identity UID and multiple encryption technologies to make devices, users, and enterprises unimpeded in Hawk Network, thus ensuring the security of assets and data; HAWK Token is the value exchange medium of Hawk Network, and will be applied in various scenarios, such as payment, mortgage, financing, transaction and circulation of distributed Internet of Things. In short, Hawk Network uses blockchain technology to empower the traditional Internet of Things, and achieves a new generation of distributed intelligent Internet of Things. While HAWK Token is the master key of Hawk Network, it can be said that an era of intelligence and perception of all things has arrived.


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