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CurioInvest, Online Investment Platform

The collectible car market has been one of the strongest performing alternative asset classes of the last decade, with values increasing almost three times in the decade period up to second quartal of 2018. To some extent, this is being driven by the globalization of the collectible car market, which has meant that there are now more international bids for the most sought-after collectible vehicles. In addition, the market has expanded from the core strongholds of the US and Europe to other regions such as China and the Middle East, which provides some degree of insulation from local economic fluctuations. The sector is by no means limited to classic cars exclusive limited-edition supercars have also exhibited strong growth in value in relatively short periods of time. For example, while the Ferrari F12tdf initially sold for a price believed to be in the region of five hundred thousand dollars in October 2015 (to a select group of buyers), an example was sold for one point five million dollars at a private auction in June 2016. 

CurioInvest, Online Investment Platform that Enables Investors of all Income Levels to Invest in High-value Assets

CurioInvest is an online investment platform that enables investors of all income levels to invest in high-value assets. Collectible cars have been consistently among the highest performing alternative asset classes, but up until now, the market was only viable for elite investors. CurioInvest is using blockchain to disrupt the industry, enabling smaller investors to benefit from the collectible car market. It is also an ideal opportunity for crypto investors to diversify their exposure by investing in tokens backed by a tangible asset. CurioInvest operates in the EEA, EU, and Switzerland. 

CurioInvest is in competition with a small number of other companies which offer similar types of crowdfunded profit participation. While similar companies such as and have attracted investment in Australia and the US respectively, no competitor of similar size currently exists in the EU/EEA region. CurioInvest will take advantage of recent developments on the regulatory front in Lichtenstein, which provide the blockchain sector with a stable legal foundation. For each vehicle listed on the platform, CurioInvest will register the associated asset-backed STO directly with Lichtenstein’s financial regulator, the FMA. Each security asset will be issued an ISIN which is compliant across the EU.

CurioInvest’s Sister Company Mercuria Helvetica AG has Built Up the Knowledge and Expertise Necessary

Investing in collectible cars requires expertise, including knowledge of how to procure and value a vehicle. Once a car is procured, it must be stored and maintained in ideal conditions to retain its value. Thus, specialized facilities and technical talent are required in order to invest in this asset class. Particularly in the case of classic cars, the provenance of a vehicle plays a key role in determining its value. For this reason, authentic documentation and a verifiable history are crucial. Assessing the provenance of a vehicle requires specialist knowledge and years of training.

Over 4 years of successfully trading collectible vehicles, CurioInvest’s sister company Mercuria Helvetica AG has built up the knowledge and expertise necessary to make these judgments. CurioInvest will store vehicles at a highly secure and climate-controlled storage facility near Stuttgart, Germany managed by our partner, Mechatronik GmbH. The site has 24-hour security and investors will be able to monitor the vehicle via webcam.

CurioInvest’s goal is to become the world’s leading platform for the purchase and trade of collectible security tokens. 

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