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CurioInvest is Well-positioned, Why Choose CurioInvest?

Collectible cars as an asset class have significantly outperformed many traditional indices such as the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones over the past 15 years. However, this investment opportunity has only been available to a small group of elite investors due to the following barriers of entry to the market. truly rare cars are sold through narrow, elite networks, such vehicles often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which means that the minimum stake is very high, expertise is required to store and maintain the vehicles, specialist knowledge is needed to verify the provenance of the vehicles, the purchase, insurance and sale of the vehicles involves a lot of administration and paperwork

CurioInvest is Well-positioned, Why Choose CurioInvest?

Plus value of CurioInvest. CurioInvest is well-positioned for the following reasons. First CurioInvest is not starting from scratch. CurioInvest’s sister company Mercuria Helvetica AG has developed lasting relationships with many top-tier automotive companies including Pagani, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz. Thus, CurioInvest has access to a pipeline of over 500 rare, collectible vehicles, ensuring exclusive investment opportunities from day one. Second CurioInvest has developed a tried-and-tested operational model to manage the entire life cycle of an automotive investment. CurioInvest has established contacts with car maintenance companies, insurance companies, and tax-free physical storage providers. 

CurioInvest has Established Legal Entities in Switzerland and Lichtenstein

Then, another thing that makes a plus value of CurioInvest is CurioInvest has established legal entities in Switzerland and Lichtenstein. Switzerland offers a stable regulatory environment and investor-friendly laws, while the base in Lichtenstein allows CurioInvest to legally sell security tokens throughout the European Economic Area, which comprises all 28 member states of the EU and the three EEA EFTA states Norway, Iceland, and Lichtenstein. Switzerland has become a global hub of blockchain innovation, ensuring that CurioInvest will have direct access to the right technical talent to scale the business. And then The CurioInvest team and its partners consist of experts with a proven track record in the automotive, IT, financial and investment industries. 

CurioInvest Use Crowdfunding and Asset Tokenization

CurioInvest Invest aims to use modern technologies such as crowdfunding and asset tokenization to bring many new small- and mid-level investors to the market. CurioInvest Invest identifies a rare classic or modern collectible car that is priced competitively and likely to increase in value over time. To finance the car, CurioInvest Invest launches a crowdfunding campaign. Investors and car enthusiasts can now invest in the vehicle. The funds are stored in an escrow (smart contract). If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, CurioInvest Invest will acquire the vehicle and place it in storage with its maintenance partner, Mechatronik Fahrzeug- Und Motorentechnik GmbH. If the crowdfunding campaign cannot be completed within three months, investors will be refunded everything except third-party payment processing fees.

Once the vehicle is purchased, CurioInvest Invest issues security tokens representing the value of the car. These tokens are then distributed to the investors, proportional to the size of their investment. The security token confers the right on the token holders to share in the profit if the value of the vehicle increases. The token is distributed to a wallet which is automatically generated when the user signs up on the CurioInvest Invest platform. The token can be traded peer to peer. The token also has an associated ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) and thus, it can potentially be traded on forthcoming digital exchanges like conventional security. If the conditions for disposal are met, the vehicle is resold. All token holders receive a share of the proceeds of the sale proportional to their token holdings minus costs and the CurioInvest performance fee%. of 20

CurioInvest’s goal is to become the world’s leading platform for the purchase and trade of collectible security tokens. 

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