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Canlead Tokenising Opportunities, A Smarter Way To Share And Earn

The past 15 years have seen a proliferation of social networking, technologies, and platforms that have transformed the way individuals connect and interact with friends, family and professional contacts online. These platforms have significantly impacted the way we consume, experience, create and refer opportunities, along with how we establish and maintain public or private networks of connections. Many businesses are looking to capitalize on the international reach offered by today’s increasingly globalized business environment. 

Canlead Tokenising Opportunities, A Smarter Way To Share And Earn

Canlead brings together and improves upon the concepts of social networking, sharing economies and the token ecosystem, and allows developers to create consensus-based applications based on standardization, scalability, and interoperability. Canlead does this by building a multi-party tokenized incentive system where all participants are motivated to participate. Selling products and hiring people presently relies on trusted intermediaries, in both B2B and B2C environments. While this works well enough to date, the trust-based model has many intrinsic weaknesses. 

The traditional payment transaction cost is dependant on the value of the opportunity, limiting the maximum practical transaction size. Typically, payment providers such as PayPal, Worldpay or Stripe charge a 3% transaction fee, which can be avoided by using an offline method or making payments over a cost-effective platform without a trusted party. What is needed is an opportunity sharing and referral platform with a payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, allowing any two willing parties to transact directly and cost-effectively with each other without the need for a third party. Transactions that are immutable would protect sellers or hirers from fraud, and routine escrow mechanisms protect referrers or buyers. It's a decentralized platform that will have built-in incentives for everyone: customer (employer), referrer (agent) and candidate (friend or seeker). A platform that is open and free to evolve, is highly scalable and has no single point of failure.

Canlead Business Usecase

Canlead is a startup, their business case was proven in the real-world of recruitment, sales, business development, and they presently launching an online service where the customers, referrers, and candidates can choose to create a Canlead user account so they may list their unique opportunities or refer their friends - making the job, product, service opportunity sharing and referral easy, enjoyable and safe. Therefore, a detailed technical description is not presented in this document to reduce unnecessary duplications with other technical documents.

Anyone can register with Canlead as a customer and posts a job opportunity (along with an appropriate success or referral fee). They invite their own network of contacts to join Canlead as trusted connections or referrers. The customer receives referrals from their network, but at any point, a candidate can become a referrer and invite their own contacts to join and connect, so they can refer them to the customer and other opportunities on the site - continually growing the value of the total network according to Metcalfe’s Law's network effects. All parties are peers on the network, and the state of referrals and relationships is visible on the blockchain at all times, to ensure fair payment of rewards on successful hiring.

Meet Their Profesional Team

With their professional team, the aspiration for Canlead is to create a large global decentralized network with millions of Customers sharing opportunities with millions of Referrers, who refer them to millions of Candidates. These aspirations are being realized through their concept design, product development, and working with various businesses and individuals across multiple industries. They are committed to their roadmap of thorough testing, partnership, and growth - and invite investors to be part of this transformative disruption of the jobs, property and technology industry. Here is their professional team:

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