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Canlead Helping You Refer People to Opportunities and Rewarding Successful Referrals

Canlead presents a revolutionary decentralized opportunity sharing ecosystem in which the community of participants interacts as sources of opportunities - becoming a collaborative system of agents working together within a network of interconnected peers. Canlead is the catalyst that energizes the 4th industrial revolution, the force that drives the resource efficiency of the sharing economy, the substance that fuels the gig economy towards a better, smarter, and fairer future. We are investing in the development of the decentralized opportunity sharing platform and protocol for the jobs industry as our first business case and the property industry as our second business case. We aim to disrupt the $642 billion recruitment industry, by effectively enabling everyone to be a referrer-earn
commission and kudos for helping friends, colleagues, and acquaintances connect for mutual benefit.

World of Recruitment and Marketing has Undergone a Major Transformation in the Last Decade

But the world of recruitment and marketing has undergone a major transformation in the last decade. hanging employment trends, social media and technological advancements, evolving employee demographics, have all contributed to industry disruption - creating new opportunities for proactive industry leaders with an eye to the future. Sharing is not a new concept. Giving someone a ride in your car, cooking for guests and referring friends to an opportunity are all common actions. The sharing economy, on the other hand, is a newer form of sharing where a service is provided for a monetary return. Examples of industries already impacted include accommodation (Airbnb), transport (Uber, Citymapper), services (TaskRabbit, Freelancer), finance (Xero, Wefunder), goods (eBay), digital content (Spotify), and many more.

Canlead Helping You Refer People to Opportunities and Rewarding Successful Referrals

User Roles - These are the required user roles for a self- governed ecosystem.
  1. Customer is someone who can CREATE the opportunity, SET and PAY the referral fee.
  2. Referrer is someone who can REFER the opportunity and RECEIVE a referral fee from the Customer.
  3. Candidate is someone who can CONSUME the opportunity i.e. get hired via the referral process.
  4. Verifier is someone who can VERIFY the authenticity of the opportunity.
  5. Mediator is someone who can MEDIATE conflicts between parties.

A major challenge to solve is to provide personalized, engaging and timely referrals or recommendations from a pool of millions of items to millions of active users. Canlead Feefer Artificial Intelligence (AI) will address this challenge. The key referral problem is: given a query set Q comprising a set of opportunities and corresponding weights, return a set of options that the referrers may be interested in. The query set Q is referrer-specific and is generated dynamically after every action the referrer performed. As an example, most recently interacted opportunities have high
weightings while opportunities from a long time ago have low weightings.

Canlead Business Model and Tokenomic

There is a 2-level fee structure. The first is the Canlead usage-based paid service model, where the Canlead Platform takes 10% service fees on each successful transaction to operate the business. This covers a number of customer types, business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), consumer to consumer (C2C) and the marketplace. The second is the Canlead fee staking system where the Canlead Smart Contract collects the staking fees to provide liquidity and manage the on-chain ecosystem.

A no win, no fee and no upfront cost decentralised job and property opportunity sharing service. Companies and developers can build their own Apps for specific sectors such as travel, healthcare, use the Canlead protocol and API for free. As with any platform, the network effect is enhanced by the growing number of participants, and the utility of the Canlead Token (CAND) increases along with its market reach. Tokenomics, A number of the key tokenomics approaches and strategies are being introduced to the Canlead project to incentivise the community, to contribute to the project and to develop the technology.

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