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Black Hawk Knight - The First Application on the Hawk Network

Distributed Intelligent Internet of Things is an IoT that uploads all sensor data through the precise calculation to the blockchain for data interaction. Blockchain uses distributed storage instead of traditional centralized storage. Distributed storage has the advantages of data consistency, high availability and fault tolerance. In distributed systems, availability refers to the concept of independent failure. When one or more nodes fail, the rest of the system is completely unaffected and can continue to run. Consensus algorithm can be used immediately to achieve use upon connection so that the information processed by the system can always be used by users. Similarly, all hardware devices in the distributed intelligent IoT are accessed by different devices, and a certain number of edge calculations are carried out at the device end for data processing, and then the data is uploaded to the chain for verification according to the computing requirements. In this process, no one can modify the data entry of the equipment alone, this can ensure the transparency, fairness and distribute characteristics of data entry.

BHK (Black Hawk Knight) - The First Application on the Hawk Network

BHK or Black Hawk Knight is the first application on the Hawk Network, which aims to create a distributed intelligent travel platform that uses the underlying technology of the Hawk Network blockchain to connect intelligent hardware, travel service providers, and riders. Together, and through decentralized thinking and community ecological gameplay, to establish a fully peer-to-peer collaboration network, BHK will form a multi winning decentralized shared scooter travel platform in the future.

The Advantage of Sharing Scooters (vs. Others Shared Travel) is - Operating Cost is Low

First, the operating costs are low. One of the drawbacks of shared bicycles is that, over time, bicycles will be piled up in subway stations, residential quarters or business districts with a relatively large population. Everyone has this kind of experience. When you want to use a bicycle, it is always difficult to find a car. In the subway or community door where you don't need a bicycle, there are always rows of bicycles. In order to make the bicycle more dispersed, it can only rely on the bicycle operation platform to use the truck to manually evacuate the bicycle, and transfer the gathered bicycle to other unpopular areas, which undoubtedly increases the operating cost of the platform. The operating costs of sharing electric scooters are relatively low. To share the electric scooter to solve the charging problem, people are encouraged to take the electric scooter home to charge, and will receive certain rewards after charging. After charging is complete, people only need to put the electric scooter in the designated position. As a result, the community user charging the electric scooter actually acts as a scooter regional dispatcher, and because the charging person is sufficiently dispersed, the scooter will be redistributed relatively evenly throughout the city every morning.table

The Advantage of Sharing Scooters (vs. Others Shared Travel) is - Frequency of Use is Higher

Second, the frequency of use is higher. The profitability of the platform depends on five factors: unit price, daily usage, operating cost, maintenance cost, and vehicle scrap rate. In addition to the advantages of sharing bicycles in terms of operating costs, shared electric scooters have advantages in terms of daily usage. The average daily usage times and the travel distance are inversely related. The shorter the travel distance, the more the corresponding travel tools are used, because there are more short-distance travel scenarios. For example, bicycles can meet the medium-distance travel demand from home to a subway station, so whether it is near the home or near the company's short-distance travel demand, you can use electric scooters to meet, such as nearby dining, bank ATM cash withdrawal, convenience store shopping, pharmacy buying Medicine, etc. In addition to seasonal constraints, bicycles are also gender-constrained. Women who wear professional attire or skirts are not convenient to ride a bicycle. There is no such concern in sharing electric scooters, so the potential users sharing electric scooters are wider

Hawk Network's Mining by Proof of Stake

Hawk Network's mining is divided into two parts. Both owners and cyclists can benefit from mining. As mentioned above, Black Hawk Knight is both a scooter and a blockchain super miner. For owners, as long as the software provided by hawk network is connected to the network, HAWK Token can be obtained by mining every day. The number of mining is positively correlated with the number of miners owned by owners. At the same time, the hawk network has a set of the computer system, which can guarantee 1 million mining vehicles to run for more than 10 years. (the service life of mining tools is three years). Users' bicycle riding mining is calculated according to the number of orders and mileage to motivate users to use Hawk products online and offline to solve travel problems.

The Profesional Team and Great Global Partner

Hawk Network's core team has many years of experience in Internet operations and was established in October last year. Since then, Hawk Network has been recruiting outstanding technology developers for the Internet of Things and travel. At the same time, the team has been looking for partners around the world and has reached strategic cooperation with outstanding companies in the distributed economy.

Hawk Network is committed to enhancing the value of its platform by extending the ecosystem. Hawk Network will work with global partners to build a smart IoT ecosystem. HAWK works with industry frontier partners to create an intelligent hardware ecosystem

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