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Why Should the Story Industry Utilize Blockchain?

So far, most of the content-based blockchain projects have stored the ‘Text Data’ of the story inside the blockchain. However, Storichain does not store the original text data of the story within the blockchain. This is because Storichain considers the contributions made to the creation & transaction stage and the ownership transfer of the stories more than the text/image data of the story itself. In reality, nobody can prevent a person from capturing/spreading text content, since all they have to do is take a photo of their monitor and spread that photo to anywhere they want. So, rather than simply preventing such acts, Storichain thought that it is more important to prove the value of the creator’s efforts by systematically measuring who contributed to the story, when and how they have contributed, how the ownership was transferred, and how much each creator contributed to the story in case of collaboration.

Why Should the Story Industry Utilize Blockchain?

Storichain refers to these kinds of data as ‘Activity Metrics.’ Since the activity metrics are used to distribute the profits accumulated by the story, it must not be falsified or manipulated. Also, the activity metrics are also used as a basis to calculate the growth index, which is used to determine the basic asset value of the story. This will be the basis for distributing profit. Therefore, the reasons why the Storichain Project uses Blockchain can be defined as the following: Storing the ‘activity metrics’, Storing data of the ownership (copyright) transfer of the story, Storing the terms and conditions of payment. Problems in the story industry that is hard to be solved without Blockchain, First, Contract for ‘Story Idea Creation’ between trustless individuals (non-facing), Contract for ‘Transaction of Intellectual Property of Stories’ between trustless individuals (non-facing), Confidence of the payment of writing fees for the author, based on monitoring results, Measurement of asset value based on story creation and monitoring results Multilateral agreements, notary, and copyright trading based on measurement results, Proving the efforts put into the work based on contribution history Online, non-facing creative activities, and The issues presented above are not ‘completely impossible’ to solve without blockchain technology. However, in the absence of blockchain technology, the costs will be significantly higher since the participants must utilize third-party trust organizations.

The Storichain is Seeking to Introduce Blockchain into the Story Industry

Storichain has watched the blockchain technology securing the trust among participants, and expanding its boundaries to unforeseen territories. Blockchain provides trust beyond borders and ideologies, helping many industries to simplify the problems they have faced in the past and providing new solutions. The Storichain is seeking to introduce blockchain into the story industry to create a world where all participants can feel satisfaction while taking their part of the responsibility. To implement this philosophy step by step, we will now pinpoint the current problems of the industry to find new solutions

Storimation - The Story Viewer Within the Storichain App

The story viewer within the Storichain app is called the Storimation because it is like a moving story script. In the Storimation, there is a reaction button for each screen. The reaction button is divided into a ‘free’ reaction button, and a ‘pay’ reaction button, which you have to spend a certain amount of token to press. If the user presses the reaction button, their reaction activity metric increases and the activity is calculated as their ‘contribution’ to the content. The creator of the content can customize the name of the reaction button if they wish. They can add emotional words to the reaction button such as “Nice” or “That’s neat”, they can create functional buttons which the users can select how the story will unfold from that part, and they can create ‘link’ buttons which links the user who presses the button to external URL’s or even gives them a coupon. The users who play the role of a reader will receive different amounts of ‘contribution’ based on the growth index of the story at the point of time they have pressed the button.

For example, the proportion of ‘contribution’ will be bigger when a user pressed the reaction button when the growth index of the story was 100, compared to the event where the button was pressed when the growth index was 200. Also, the action of the readers pushing the reaction button will influence the initial contribution on ‘dialogue,’ ‘scene introduction,’ ‘illsutration,’ and ‘sound’ of the authors who particiapted in that scene as a creator role.

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