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Vectorium, Bring Digital Way of Transferring Energy Using Blockchain-based Technology

Vectorium is a project which intends to tackle the issues associated with the increasing waste generation and improper waste management. The project introduces two different cryptocurrencies - Vectorium Flash (PoW-based) and Vectorium Plus (PoS-based) and it also brings forward the so-called waste to coin (WtC) process. This is the endeavor of generating electricity, as well as cryptocurrency, from the primary treatment of waste or the processing of waste into “fuel crypto-mining source.” In its own way, the WtC process is a type of energy and coin recovery. Most of the WtC processes tend to generate electricity and/or cryptocurrency through sublimation or even produce a fuel commodity such as methanol, synthetic fuels, or methane, for example.

Vectorium Goals: Bring Digital Way of Transferring Energy Using Blockchain-based Technology

A digital way of transferring energy from one point to another using blockchain-based technology. And also An eco-friendly blockchain mining process using a renewable energy source. A disruptive way to transform the cryptocurrency back to electricity, A way to convert harmful waste to cryptocurrencies also Main Actors in the Ecosystem, and A way to bypass the energy distributors and saving up to 55% of the final cost of your electricity bill.

The digitalization of the electricity using the blockchain distribution will bring a huge advantage. With this system, the price of electricity is characterized by the following costs: Expenditure on energy; Retail marketing; Energy transport costs; Expense system charges; and Taxes. The operation of this smart network makes it possible to avoid electricity interruptions and reduce the load where possible. The first objective of Vectorium is to create small electricity production / sales consortia. To facilitate the rapid exchange of energy, smart meters and blockchains will be used. The use of Vectorium flash (coin generated by the blockchain) will be used for energy exchange and will result in a significant reduction in the price of energy.

Vectorium Aspires to be is One Which is “smart” and can Connect Producers and Consumers

In all over the world, the electricity network works as follows: electricity, produced by power plants and renewable sources are distributed through pylons, control units, cables and meters to cities industries and homes throughout the national territory. The current distribution system is designed to work in one direction only; the energy flows move exclusively from the plants to the various peripheral nodes. The distribution to consumers is continuous and the flow of energy is always the same regardless of the quantity actually needed and consequently consumed.

If, in summer months the energy produced by photovoltaic systems is much higher than what is actually consumed, than there is a waste of energy and often costs associated with the disposal of the latter. The electricity grid that c. This is achieved by integrating the functions of an information network into the distribution network. 

Solid and Professional Team Behind this Big Project

The team behind Vectorium consists of industry-related specialists. Given that the project is highly specialized in renewable energy and the production thereof, most of the team members have their experience in this field precisely.


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