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The Usage of ICOIN, From Trading, Exchange to USD, and Purchase Diamonds

Based on the geologic potential of the Baimbawai Pool property, the following potential mineral inventory could be identified as a potential target warranting further exploration: Mineral Potential: 1.0 to 1.5 million cubic meters of diamond-bearing gravel with a grade of 0.2 to 0.5 carats per cubic meter containing 200,000 to 750,000 carats of diamonds. It should be noted that a potential the resource is based on the geologic the information available and is only conceptual in nature and that there has been insufficient exploration to date to define this as a mineral resource and that further exploration of this target mayor may not identify any resources on this property

Digital Technology to Drive an Efficient Connected Industry by Utilizing Blockchain

Blockchain can bring huge benefits to industrial companies such as Millennium Mining Corp: collaborative production, traceability, secure payments. A seamless use of digital technology to drive an efficient connected industry by utilizing Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and state of the art Security and Privacy to implement a digital platform the Diamond Industry and the Cryptocurrency consumers can trust. 

The Company launches an initial exchange offering (IEO) on LATOKEN with the goal to allow a collaborative extraction of diamonds. The IEO gives the possibility to acquire the machinery and workforce needed to run the operation. By doing these token owners can take an active part in the story of Millennium Mining Corp by directly capturing a significant part of the company’s turnover.

The Usage of ICOIN, From Trading, Exchange to USD, and Purchase Diamonds

1. Trading: Because of ICOIN tokens are Ethereum-based, they can be sold at any time to another ERC20 compatible wallet. ICOIN token re-sale is not managed by Millennium Mining Corp and the company has no control whatsoever on the secondary market. It is possible that centralized and decentralized exchanges list the ICOIN token.
2. Exchange for USD with Millennium Mining Corp. at the market price after a period of 1 year from the offering.
3. Purchase Millennium Mining Corp. products: ICOIN token can be used as a payment method to purchase diamond products on ICOIN website store. 

Blockchain technology allows the exchange of value on trustless networks without any corruption or duplicity of information and is used to connect token owners to mining outcome. Ethereum smart contracts guarantee financial transactions and transparency of time used during the diamond the industrial process from the sale to the token conversion. The protocol will be open source before the crowd sale, published on GitLab under the MIT license for the code and a Creative Commons license for the documentation, free of use, and it can be applicable to any industry which produces goods and services.

In this case, the diamond extraction success will be time-stamped through a regularly audited process and logged on the blockchain for all to see. This ensures that the mining process is fully transparent and auditable both in real time and long into the future. They want ICOIN token owners to have full insight into where and how their tokens are being spent. ICOIN timestamping and auditing process and security is assured by: G4S is hired to secure the site and processing areas, Strict personal training, 24-hour video surveillance and monitoring and KPMG will do monthly, Quarterly, and Annual financials

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