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Porte Token: Transfer Funds to Others Fast and Easily with Blockchain

Payment Porte is a fintech startup that is building The NEW WAVE of digital payment solutions, utilizing a decentralized, public blockchain, and distributed ledger technology. Faster, less expensive, and brighter technology, will allow individuals and businesses to modernize, whilst taking advantage of enhanced efficiency, and profitability. 

How Payment Parte Services, Apps & Platform Works

As the payment instructions from the client are received, a smart contract is generated and holds payments in escrow until conditions for release are met. The platform will generate two customer wallets with Payment Porte, the internal wallet application bifold, one wallet established for customers account to store their PORTE and “bonus tokens” issued. The second wallet is for customer's payment to their destination beneficiary’s bank account (paid out in fiat) or their public address where tokens will be sent. During the check-out process, users will choose payment options of Porte Token, (where their wallet address will be presented to the user) or other digital assets (BTC, XLM, ETH), or by bank debit card in fiat currencies; USD, EU, BP, SPD. Payment Porte services will be invoiced in fiat currency (USD) and the price in Porte tokens will be calculated at checkout based on the average price of Porte in the last 24 hours as recorded by

Once the transfer of Porte tokens or fiat transfer is established, the escrow smart doc is settled, with the value being recorded on the blockchain as a confirmed and successful Porte token purchase or fiat transaction. If fiat payment settled, the designated customer wallet will be closed unable to be used a second time. The final step is an SMS and/or email confirmation of the settled transaction is sent to the customer, and the process is complete.

Porte Token: The Utility Token of Payment Porte Ecosystem

Porte token is a utility token which is a Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) and not in any way associated with security tokens. Porte token is strictly purchased and utilized, for payments of goods and services, on the web platform, and later mobile app, on The Porte token foundation will not issue any stock, offer dividends or guaranteed ROI for investors who purchase, hold or trade Porte tokens. Porte token will also be purchased and traded on the Stellar SDEX and global exchanges, or to be stored on customers/investors hot or cold digital wallets.

Porte Foundation has pre-minted Porte tokens, which has been issued on the Stellar distributed network. Stellar uses “Consensus Protocol” and a Federated Byzantine Agreement which creates a decentralized, permission-less/permission required, validation from master nodes, through quorum slices. This is a more secure, faster and updated approach, versus Bitcoin and Ethereum’s “proof of work”, or “proof of stake” which favours large stakeholders.

The open source Stellar Horizon API has allowed the development of the token, and system, utilizing the protocol building blocks, which are interoperable with other wallet token storage, and exchanges. Porte Token will initially be launched on global exchanges, and the Stellar SDEX, (Decentralized exchange), allowing private key possession, on the ledger order book, and on ledger settlement, for customers who set up accounts with Payment Porte. This will also allow instant visibility to the Porte Token.

Porte Token: Transfer Funds to Others Fast and Easily with Blockchain

Porte solution is suitable for everyone in the particular ecosystem who has active wallets. We can transfer funds to others fast and easily. With other blockchain financial use cases, all the information about transactions is saved on the Stellar blockchain. It is now visible to the central bank. Each user in the network can view the status of his transaction in the Payments Explorer user interface.


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