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Payment Porte Mission to Build Enterprise-grade Payment Transfer Solutions

Today, the 12Trillion USD worth shipping industry is spending USD 34.4 billion only in invoice and payment processing. This figure is based on a gigantic 1.26 billion invoices issued in 2017 only. Therefore the expenditure on invoices is consuming a large amount of profit resulting in extremely low-profit margins. To the rescue, we have introduced Payment Porte platform. It is a Blockchain-based public ledger technology which is decentralized, secured, and encrypted and got the capability to transform the whole paper-work processes into a paperless world. This technology could bring a revolution in the payment process of the port shipping industry by allowing businesses and individuals to partner up with Payment Porte and make all of their cross border payments, frictionless, fast, and affordable.

Mission to Build Enterprise-grade Payment/virtual Asset Transfer Solutions

With the mission to build enterprise-grade payment/virtual asset transfer solutions for maritime and the shipping industries, Bring superior “boutique” client services and user experience, dan Create brand loyalty users for long term growth. And the visions deliver creative ways to remove the pain points from current legacy banking systems and payment processors and Educate and adopt traditional enterprises to the benefits of our products and services.

Currently, there is no competitor in the market who is catering to the payment needs of the shipping and maritime industry that is harnessing the power of Blockchain. Today, this market is under the hands of centralized authorities with little regard for user/customer satisfaction. Payment Porte aims to be the first fin-tech start-up who can empower businesses and enterprises with public blockchain and P2P technology, and bring positive efficiencies to their enterprises.

The Chance, Bitcoin Could be the Next Economic Fizz

With the immense popularization of the cryptocurrency, the banking regulators and governments couldn’t resist to interfere and warn that Bitcoin could be the next economic fizz. The huge interest of investors are due to the likelihood of taking part in remarkably high returns offered by the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency market is projected to reach USD 1.40 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 6.18%, according to a report by Another Statista’s report says that market capitalization of Bitcoin rose from a sheer 0.04 billion U.S. dollars in Q1 2012 to strike at the highest point of over 230 billion USD in Q4 2017. In fact, an increase from about 371 USD in January 2016 to a peak of over 13k USD by December 2017 has been experienced in the price of Bitcoin. Similar trends can be seen for the Altcoins. 

Ocean Shipping Market is Expected to Grow at a CAGR

Ocean shipping market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 5% from 2018 to 2026. Ocean shipping is considered as an essential mode of transportation from the accomplishment of global trade and has also contributed extremely to lift up Gross World Product (GWP). Revolution in global cargo shipping has got a key contribution of containerization, which brought a huge e iciency enhancement. The primary factor impacting the shipping owners is that in spite of the economic crisis, the marine shipping industry shall persist to observe a bang.

Porte token is a utility token which is a Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) and not in any way associated with security tokens. Porte token is strictly purchased and utilized, for payments of goods and services, on our web platform, and later mobile app, on From a technical point, the Payment Porte application will work like: 

How the Payment Porte Application Works

Let’s take an example: A user requests some point of sale — let’s call him User 1 to swap fiat currency to the Porte tokens. When User 1 accepts a local transaction the request to the so-called “Central Bank” is sent. This will start the transaction to transfer Porte tokens to the end user’s wallet. Next step, User 1 (issuer) and Emitent-1 receives a response with the transaction status from the Central Bank. At this time we can get two types of statuses. First – the backend system might fail to release blockchain transaction. Secondly – the transaction is accepted and is in progression. After this, when the Central Bank verifies that the request is successfully done, then it will start the transaction on the Stellar blockchain which is employed by Payment Porte Application.

We have to remember that the Central Bank can transfer Porte Tokens from their wallet to other wallets in the ecosystem at any time. The same process is available for emitents and users. When the transaction is finished both the eminent and users (issuer) receive information about status: either success or error. Our solution is suitable for everyone in a particular ecosystem who has active wallets. We can transfer funds to others fast and easily. With other blockchain financial use cases, all the information about transactions is saved on the Stellar blockchain. It is now visible to the central bank. Each user in the network can view the status of his transaction in the Payments Explorer user interface.

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