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EZ365 is Changing the Digital Asset Landscape

The advent of blockchain technology and digital assets are changing the way we conduct business and manage transactions. EZ365 is leveraging the transparency and immutability of blockchain technology to create a unique experience for customers in the online gaming (iGaming) and digital asset trading spaces and offering reliable technology solutions for businesses in these industries. The EZ365 the ecosystem comprises of three core elements: a blockchain-based iGaming platform, digital asset exchange and a blockchain/digital asset educational platform. Leveraging the technology developed for these offerings, EZ365 also enables companies across a wide array of industries to quickly and easily convert digital assets to fiat (cash), giving them the liquidity required for their success. 

EZ365 Ecosystem: EZ Win, EZ Academy, EZ Exchange

EZ365 is a revolutionary digital ecosystem like no other. EZ365 is comprised of EZ Win - an online blockchain-based gaming platform that offers casino games, and sports and e-sports betting; EZ Exchange - a digital assets trading platform; and EZ Academy - an educational platform. By leveraging the technology and functionality developed for these platforms, EZ365 will also offer payment gateway offerings to other companies to allow them to easily and quickly convert their digital assets to fiat (cash). The real magic of EZ365 is in combining EZ Exchange, a digital asset the exchange that is simple, intuitive, fully-supported and fiat-enabled (with a credit card); with EZ Win, digital assets online gambling (iGaming) platform with the same exceptional user experience and support, and the same fiat and credit card integration. The end result is something that is truly special and unique to the industry. Their true value of EZ365 is to combine EZ Exchange including credit cards, a simple, intuitive, fully customer-supported and cash-backed digital asset exchange; EZ Win, a digital asset online gaming (iGaming) platform, also offers great user experiences and support, and the same cash and credit card integration. The result is a truly unique and unique business in the industry.

It’s Easy, it's Integrated, and The most Importantly it's Fun

It’s Easy. New users can very easily set up an account and immediately be able to either trade digital assets or play a variety of different casino games and bet on sports or e-sports. Even those who have no experience in digital assets will be able to quickly and easily fund their accounts with fiat and purchase a stable coin to use for play. And when users want to cash out, they can just as quickly and easily exchange tokens back into fiat. It’s Integrated. The integration of the exchange and the iGaming platform creates an unparalleled and exceptional value proposition in a number of ways. In terms of neuroscience, digital assets trading and iGaming are very similar. Traders on the exchange will naturally gravitate to an iGaming site that is connected to their exchange account and iGaming users can seamlessly access the exchange. By tying the iGaming platform with the exchange, They give digital assets traders a whole new gaming realm to explore, and many new ways to utilize their digital assets. It’s Fun. Users who are attracted primarily to the iGaming platform will have access to a wide variety of casino games, sports and e-sports betting, and bingo or lottery games to play, giving them fun and engaging ways to use their digital assets. And the more the volume of gaming there is on the iGaming platform, the more trading volume there will be on the exchange.

Fundamentally, by making it seamless to go from exchange to a casino (iGaming platform), both worlds come together. The iGaming the platform will drive users to the exchange, and vice versa. Layered on top of this is EZ Academy, EZ365’s educational platform designed to provide new and advanced users with the resources they need to successfully trade and use digital assets. Play. Trade. Learn. EZ365 will offer an option to convert from EZ365 utility tokens to securities tokens in the first quarter of 2020. EZ365 is also will start IEO arround September, 2019.

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