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EZ365 EZWin, Bringing Blockchain to Online Gaming

Gaming is a massive global industry. Growth in this space shows no sign of slowing down, with global gaming revenues reaching $120 billion USD in 2017. According to a recent report by Zion Market Research, the online the portion of this 2017 global gaming and betting market reached revenues of $45.8 billion USD, and is expected to grow to $94.4 billion by 2024, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 11%. According to a recent report by, about 51% of the world’s population takes part in some form of gaming every year. This is a market with seemingly unlimited potential. Growth in this space is being driven by a number of factors, but the recent acceleration of online gaming activity is being driven primarily by two key factors: more and better gaming options, offering improved user experience, and relaxed online gaming restrictions in a number of countries. Given the current scale of the industry, it may be hard to believe that iGaming and sports betting is still in its early stages.

A Provably Fair, Effortless Way to Play and Bet with Cryptocurrency

With traditional online casinos and betting sites, users have no way to know if the casino is playing by the rules. Wins, Losses, payouts and other statistics are often hidden from the public. In a blockchain-based model, this information is recorded on the blockchain and can be accessed by the public at any time. In this scenario, trust becomes a given and users can participate with complete confidence in the fairness of the game. But while the benefits of blockchain casinos are clear, there are drawbacks with current blockchain gaming sites. 

First, most blockchain casinos only accept digital assets, making it impossible to buy in and cash out with fiat. By accepting, playing with and disbursing digital assets only, iGaming platforms avoid all the stresses of banking. This model presents problems for both the iGaming platforms and users. The iGaming platforms are limited to only attracting users who own digital assets and are comfortable moving them around, while users deal with the inconvenience of transferring digital currency in and out of the casino, with no way of cashing out directly. The second major drawback to current blockchain gaming models also relates to digital asset buy-in requirements. Currently, there are two different models used by blockchain casinos. The first is to accept existing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin as payment, with the player using this currency to play on the platform, the second is for users to purchase the platform’s native token. In both cases, the user is exposed to the market volatility of the price of these digital assets, making it impossible for a user to adhere to their risk tolerance threshold, taking control of the risk out of the hands of the player.

With EZWin and EZExchange, it's Easy to Move Money in, out of the Casino and All is Transparent

Traders on EZ Exchange will gravitate to a gaming site that is connected to their exchange account, and users who are attracted to the casino will gain direct access to a robust, feature-rich, fully-supported digital assets exchange. Users will have the opportunity to trade their stable coins used for play and betting for Bitcoin or other digital assets to build their online currency portfolio. Playing and betting with a stable coin reduces risk of volatile market conditions Users will have the option of playing and betting with a stable coin on EZ Win. This will ensure that gamers on EZ Win will never have to worry about the volatility of the digital assets market – enabling users to better manage their risk. EZ365 is building their casino on the transparency and fairness of the blockchain EZ Win will be developed on blockchain technology principals, where users can be assured they are playing on a provably fair system. The blockchain ensures that gameplay data and results from every game can be verified by players. The odds of every game are stated on the site and are provably fair, which is to say that the house has no additional edge compared to physical casinos. Users who play the game agree to the odds and payouts. The mistrust of online casinos comes from the possibility that they have programmed their software to change the odds of winning to favor the house. This is the advantage of a blockchain casino - the odds are always as stated and provable, as they would be in any physical casino. As well, all wins and losses are recorded on the blockchain.

Users will Enjoy a Top-notch Gaming Experience and 24/7 Support

The EZ Win platform is being designed from a gamer’s perspective by user experience experts, ensuring that users can easily navigate the site and find the games that they are looking for quickly. A wide variety of games and betting options will be offered, with engaging and modern graphics. The platform will be available on both desktop and mobile devices so users can play or bet anytime and anywhere. EZ Win will have a robust offering of games, sports and e-sports betting and will continue to grow its iGaming and betting selections over time. EZ365 care about delivering unmatched customer support At EZ Win, they are passionate about providing the best customer service in the industry. EZ365's founders have been living and breathing customer experience for decades and understand what an ideal user experience looks like. EZ365 put their clients first and connect with them in a number of different ways. The user can access support 24/7 through email and chat. EZ365's customer service teams are trained to deliver personalized support to help solve their users’ issues quickly and efficiently. They are leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience, which will enable us to manage, organize and track customer requests from a single platform - routing their customer issues to the right agents for immediate resolution. This software technology, combined with their customer feedback program, will enable us to better understand how they can improve both EZ365 platform and EZ365 customer support program. EZ Win’s support center has been structured to ensure that EZ365 is able to meet the growing demands of the casino, with the ability to scale their support center up and down quickly and efficiently as required.

EZ Win will be Available Globally

EZ Win will be made available in jurisdictions around the world where online gaming is allowed by law. EZWin VIP Club and Rewards Program offer additional benefits for frequent users EZ Win’s VIP Club and Rewards Program will be an important part of engaging existing customers, offering perks and bonuses for their loyalty. EZWin VIP Club for high rollers will include exclusive promotions and services, including special access to events, withdrawal and deposit limits, and unique rewards and bonuses. EZ Win’s The rewards program offers users bonuses (free plays) and other prizes for their loyalty.  EZWin will come with some features like:

  1. Moving money in and out of the casino is easy since traders on EZ Exchange will gravitate to a gaming site which is connected to their exchange account and users who are attracted to the casino will gain direct access to a robust, feature-rich fully-supported digital assets exchange.
  2. Users will have the opportunity of playing and betting with a stable coin on EZ Win ensuring gamers on EZ Win will never have to be concerned about the volatility of the digital assets market thus they will be able to manage their risks.
  3. The online casino will be based on transparency and fairness of the blockchain.
  4. The platform is being designed from a gamer’s perspective by user experience experts allowing for easy navigation and top-notch gaming experiences.
  5. The EZ Win platform will provide the best customer service in the industry.
  6. It will be available throughout the world.
  7. The platform’s VIP club and Rewards Program will be a crucial part of engaging existing customers by giving out perks and bonuses for their loyalty.
The online gaming industry is undoubtedly one that has seen rapid growth over the years. This platform has brought a new level of development to the industry by developing a customer-oriented platform whose major objective is the satisfaction of its customers. EZ365 is a platform that everyone who is a gaming enthusiast should be excited about.

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