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EZ Exchange, Platform Market that is Simple, Intuitive and User-friendly

With the increasing popularity of digital assets trading, the number of exchanges has exploded over the past year. Today, there are over 300 digital asset exchanges listed on, and potentially hundreds more that are not listed. Despite a large number of exchanges available to traders, users are still facing significant trading issues, hindering the mass adoption of digital assets. EZ Exchange is not just an exchange; it’s a platform to help facilitate the mass adoption of digital assets by putting traders first, with robust support and industry-leading security, ensuring that users never deal with a substandard customer experience when trading digital assets.

EZ Exchange is driving toward a better digital future. The team at EZ Exchange has gone through this trial by fire themselves and has experienced the difficulties and stresses of navigating through different exchanges and trading cryptocurrencies. They’ve designed, and are building, the best digital assets exchange in the world by specifically identifying and addressing the issues beleaguering the current digital assets trading environment. Their unique and innovative solutions put traders first, ensuring that users never again deal with a substandard customer or user experience when trading digital assets. They are delivering the features and functionality that their users need to easily and safely trade digital assets, regardless of their level of experience.

EZ Exchange Puts its Users First

EZ Exchange provides access to step-by-step tutorials that will walk users through the entire trading process. If the user needs further support, they can access support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. EZ Exchange's customer service teams are trained to deliver personalized support to help solve their users’ issues quickly and efficiently. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority. They understand that if customers are happy, they will continue doing business with us, refer new customers to us and help drive adoption. EZ Exchange's customer support model is built in three tiers. The first point of contact with their customer support agents will be through live chat or email. If further support is required, the inquiry will move to Tier 2, where the agents can provide technical support or answer specific account questions over live chat. For Tier 3 inquiries, a customer support agent will contact the user over the phone or by live chat, according to their preference or the nature of their inquiry. EZ Exchange’s support center has been structured to ensure that they are able to meet the growing demands of the exchange, with the ability to scale the support center up and down quickly and efficiently as required.

Bringing a Platform to Market that is Simple, Intuitive and User-friendly

EZ365's vision of enabling mass adoption of digital assets depends fundamentally on bringing a platform to market that is simple, intuitive and user-friendly. Putting aside the inherent risks of investing in digital assets, exchange ease-of-use is the single biggest barrier to entry for most purchasers. At EZ Exchange, the goal is to make it easy for users to buy and sell digital assets. Users have the option of switching between two different trading interfaces: The EZ Exchange Easy online trading interface offers users the ability to buy a large range of tokens without the complexity of other exchanges, The EZ Exchange Advanced trading interface provides more experienced traders with the data they need to make informed decisions, as well as access to advanced trading features. They believe that users should have a localized experience as they are trading on the platform. EZ Exchange will offer the platform in English, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese, with plans to expand to other languages as the platform evolves.

One of EZ Exchange's unique options is the ability to fund trading accounts and withdraw fiat through the user’s credit card. Users will be able to fund their EZ Exchange account using their existing credit card instantaneously. Users can also cash out from EZ Exchange in this same manner, with their fiat funds showing up instantaneously as a credit on their credit card. Transactions via this method are confirmed in real-time. Another convenient funding option is moving fiat in and out of the exchange through wire transfer. EZ Exchange has partnered with a leading bank in the European Union to allow wire transfers to and from any bank account and the exchange within five to seven business days. When withdrawing fiat from an account, users can send their funds to the bank account of their choice in their local currency.

By leveraging EZ Exchange’s relationships with international banking partners along with seamless integration with fiat, and wrapped in a custom API, their payment gateway allows any third party to provide their customers with a quick and easy way into the world of digital assets. EZ Exchange’s payment gateway solution can be used as a method of payment, as a form of intuitive exchange, as a far superior method of international remittance, the possibilities are endless. The key to their payment gateway and its superior value proposition is the presence of the EZ Exchange platform behind it, and its stability liquidity, and security.

World’s First Fully Integrated, Digital Asset Mining, Allowing Users to Mine Rewards, and Digital Assets Deposited Directly into Exchange Wallet

EZ Exchange presents the world’s first fully integrated, digital asset mining, allowing users to mine rewards, and have the digital assets deposited directly into their exchange wallet, making them instantly available for liquidation. Digital asset mining through a mining pool can be a very profitable enterprise, but finding a reliable mining partner is a highly complicated process rife with uncertainty. This offering takes the guesswork out of the equation by presenting a mining solution built directly into the EZ Exchange interface. For the first time, users can take advantage of secure digital asset mining right from their exchange, and cash out their mining rewards with the click of a button. 

EZ Exchange’s platform has been built from the ground up by the team of infrastructure and security experts and developers who have extensive experience in blockchain, digital assets and traditional stock market security. The EZ Exchange trading interface is designed by user experience experts, from a human-centric perspective, to ensure traders can easily navigate the site, find the information they are looking for and trade. Recognizing that the nature of trading may not be intuitive for everyone, EZ Exchange offers guided tours and videos, allowing the user to ease into the process. The methods mimic those seen in common consumer applications, offering quick tutorials on how to execute any component of the exchange. Finally, the design attempts to use a common language, so users don’t feel overwhelmed with unfamiliar language and terminology.

In the end, we come to the conclusion section. The depth of the capabilities structure EZ365 is so huge that describing it here would take me at least four thousand words. But Alas, as part of my brief review, I do not see the point to bore you with such detailed information, since you can study it yourself on the technical documentation of this project. As for my own opinion, I highly recommend watching this EZ365 out. Don't miss this opportunity

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