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Billcrypt Creates Multifunctional Blockchain Integration System of Representative Offices

The development of Blockchain era has come close to the threshold of the introduction of decentralized technologies in everyday life. Billcrypt are proud to announce that they are the first and only ones who proposed the concept of the universal daily beneficial use of the blockchain. Platform Billcrypt pl will make the blockchain necessary for literally everyone.

Billcrypt Introduced 3 New Concepts

Billcrypt introduced new concepts: BR - Blockchain Representation ViP - Virtual image Part (Part of the virtual image) IVO - Initial ViP Offering Currently, it is very difficult to determine the reliability of information about any object or subject, whether it is a company or a specialist in any field, or product. This creates difficulties in decision making. For many years working in the investment field, they also often faced the problem of financing promising and even breakthrough businesses. Usually, the reasons were in a complex and protracted decision-making process, excessive administration by potential institutional investors. Even with the emergence of the possibility of attracting investment in the crypto market, the problem of trust remains extremely relevant. Check details in here, look this out:

Billcrypt Team, as Professionals with Many Years of Experience

Billcrypt Team, as professionals with many years of experience, are understand, because they have to carry out comprehensive, painstaking work on evaluating potential projects, not always having confidence in reliable information, even if this business is already operating. To find among the many projects real, deserving not only attention, but also real investments, you need to be able to find such promising projects and spend effort, money and a lot of time. Blockchain allows to implement the principle of maintaining absolute reliability of data without the participation of any human factors. Therefore, Billcrypts decided to create a platform - a blockchain system add-on, which will solve these problems with its conceptual approaches, technologies and functionality.

Companies, projects, enterprises will be able to create their Blockchain-Representative offices on the platform

Companies, projects, enterprises will be able to create their Blockchain-Representative offices on the platform, where all relevant information about the business will be displayed, which will allow investors to make investment decisions quickly and with maximum confidence. It will be easy for ordinary users to choose the services or products they need. Based on the information on the BR owner in the blockchain, a reliable virtual image of the ViP company (Virtual image Page) will be formed, which in turn will be divided into parts - the Virtual image Part. Each part of the ViP will have a certain value depending on the rating and status, and will be another tool for direct investment in a particular business or product.

How about Investor?

Investors will be able to monitor the virtual image (a set of reliable data) the state of Affairs of the company or product at any time and adjust their investments on time, reducing or increasing. We`ve developed new principles for the economic interaction of all users of the system - owners of companies, projects, institutional and ordinary investors. For these purposes, a user token BILCRYPT was created, which has an evolutionary principle of functional development in the process of global construction of the integration system. Check details in here, look this out:

Blockchain integration system of representative offices of companies, professional communities, specialists and products. Blockchain representation (BR) is created by users in the form of decentralized applications (DApp) on the blockchain with a comfortable interface. On the basis of the platform, an interblockchain infrastructure of technological and economic properties is being built, uniting blockchain projects and projects of the real sector. A single comfortable environment will allow everyone to create their own BR, forming a single system of assured trust. This will lead the development of any business to a new unprecedented level. Investment properties embedded in the system will allow you to most effectively develop your business, establish profitable partnerships and promote each other economically. Due to the synergy effect, receive multifold benefits. 

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