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Upcoming Project - AIGO Protocol, Adoption Blockchain e-Commerce to World

Retailers and service providers are now on the rise with expensive and inefficient payment mechanisms, which do not keep pace with global trade evolution, credit cards, alternative payments, virtual coins or blockchain technology. Not to mention adapted to several various processing needs today in order to provide a very optimal solution to overcome the payment process. AIGO (under development), is intended to solve this problem by utilizing a new smart contract architecture called the "AIGO Smart Contract" which enables a new billing methodology in the world of the blockchain. AIGO hopes to promote more frequent use of cryptocurrency in the online and offline markets, thereby significantly increasing the total volume of payments made by cryptocurrency, as well as contributing to the trend of decentralization in global payments.

SmartContract is intended to be a productive solution in offering a strong payment mechanism that is far more credible, efficient, flexible, cost-effective and measurable from the current implementation. Unlike the current payment method, which includes credit cards and virtual coins like Bitcoin. AIGO is being designed from the ground up with the intention of overcoming some of the payment problems that exist. In addition, AIGO believes SmartContract will have the potential to increase economic efficiency, reduce friction and minimize risk by eliminating intermediaries such as companies that charge excessive fees and are very expensive.

Processing payment cards is a basic requirement for buyers and sellers. However, because of the centralized structure of the payment process ecosystem, traders are subject to inefficiencies, very high interchange costs and large risks. AIGO Payment, designed from start to finish to facilitate a strong, structured and flexible payment system that will overcome this challenge.

Introducing AIGO Protocol, Adoption Blockchain e-Commerce to World

AIGO is designed as a free, smart source code project built around a customized contract chain that regulates transaction behavior. This can be arranged as a simple transaction, very complex transactions including, among others, repayment payments, split payments, per-use payments, exchange rate corrections, or a combination of the above. Businesses will be able to use decentralized payment mechanisms such as making new ones according to their needs in the business world. AIGO believe that the solution offered by AIGO will create business opportunities for external companies that can build additional services above SmartContract and contribute to advancing AIGO Ecosystems. These services can include but are not limited to credit facilities, transactions, insurance, arbitration, and others. It is AIGO's intention that Aigo is promoted through partnerships with businesses that have a significant system by encouraging them to adopt or use the Aigo Ecosystem from the start. Through the partners that AIGO has launched, AIGO hopes to enter and join the industrial world with tens of thousands of daily customers covering various markets.

AIGO Protocol, A True Vision of Decentralization

For decentralization of vision, decentralization is something AIGO is truly committed to. This is the philosophy behind AIPayment Chain. To comply with this vision, AIGO strives to develop chains that will ultimately have their own lives, without having to be regulated by each central entity (AIGO-Maine). To meet the development and initial launch needs, AIGO will use a centralized model to gradually move to a one-on-one hybrid, where the role of the community in development will grow. With the decentralization model being AIGO's main goal, all AIPayment components are being developed open-source, making it possible for people to lead. AIGO expect service providers and developers to start marketing paid services on this chain network, taking technology and user experience to the next level. As an initial effort to spread the AIPayment decentralization model, AIGO team can develop prototypes from their services, such as wallets & exchanges.

AIGO Technology, AI-Payment Chain

AIGO Chain is intended to be a flexible payment chain and encourage outside input from developers. This motivation is inspired by the modular architecture of the Chain. Although it will come with a built-in module, AIGO encourages community involvement in its development. The core functionality of AIGO Chain will be contained in the on-chain architecture, which is designed to be flexible and evolves to the needs of the community. The initial version chain will be implemented as a combination of smart contacts with access via the API. This enables us to quickly and efficiently develop the AIGO ecosystem and follow a long-term vision with us.
1. A - Chain
AIGO will initially be introduced to the Ethereum network but intends to use other networks to develop signs in the future. The AIGO solution consists of several smart and unique contract components that come together to create a flexible AI-Payment Chain.

2. A – Wallet
A dashboard of accounts is used to view account details and to connect wallet-to-wallet. The wallet is the user's private key holder, whether the user executes an action or approves the wallet via the blockchain. A-Wallet will facilitate the interaction of bill payments and between accounts. This interaction consists of PullRequests, approves transactions, shows transaction history, and displays account balance. AIGO will develop two versions of the A-wallet.
- A mobile wallet app, AIGO will first develop an android application followed by versions for iOS and Android.
- Desktop wallet secondly AIGO will develop a Desktop wallet that supports systems based on Linux, Windows and Mac Os.
- Application-based Web extension, something conceptually similar to Metamask.

3. A – Store
A marketplace that supports AI-System, the purpose of this system is to allow users to buy goods without confirmation from the center, which is instant without a significant time lag. This is one of the AIGO Platforms that has something unique from other e-Commerce. make traders try and find out how a marketplace supported by AI-System, pays using digital currency or fiat currency (EUR, USD, CNY). Each transaction will be charged a fee and get a point where that point can be exchanged into AIGO tokens or Cashback from the price of the item.

4. A – Card
A platform that AIGO will realize is where the payment system uses an ATM card (A-Card). AIGO will disseminate an A-Card that can help overcome the solution of fiat currency withdrawal (Crypto Card Bank) and also to pay bills without the slightest fee.

AIGO Token and its Planning to Mainnet

Aigo Token (ticker: AIGO) is a facilitator of the unique AI-payment function. This is the only way to transfer values between parties through a protocol and can be converted from any other cryptocurrency or fiat. The token will be originally developed as an ERC-20 compatible mark during the Ethereum blockchain public. This will facilitate and use the initial token as a payment tool on AIGO's platform. To ensure long-term scalability of the project and to meet the potential needs of the community, AIGO can decide to migrate AIGO tokens well to the new generation or move to another blockchain. In the case of migration, official announcements will be released on their website and through their official telegram channel. AIGO token holders will have the ability to change or replace it to a new version, all the necessary guidance and tools will be provided in AIGO's GitHub repository.
At first, Aigo was introduced to the Ethereum network, which is the current standard for decentralized software platforms for distributed applications. However, AIGO has the ability to migrate to the next generation blockchain network to fulfill performance, increase credibility, scale, and on-chain confidentiality requirements. Aigo has entered an active development stage. AIGO has a smart contract working prototype that describes and explains the architecture of their company. The team is currently testing recurring payments and updating designs. AIGO's contract has been audited by a third party provider (SmartDec) who has confirmed compliance with all required standards. In terms of the relevant technology, AIGO team are completing version 1.0 of the wallet that is in the testing phase (A-Wallet Alpha Version). AIGO's team also developed APIs and SDKs that would allow for easy integration of several traders. AIGO team also work on pride prototypes, once the components have passed the security audit and the smooth functioning of their functions is confirmed, they will be added to the GitHub repository project:

AIGO Project Roadmap

Under the roadmap, it provides a general development schedule for various platform components and the process can be adjusted according to the time needed.

Q4 2018
Startup Project Development
Making a project introduction according to the company base
AIGO Marketing research

Q1 2019
AIGO Tokens v1.0 (ERC-20)
AIGO is proud
SDK I - Allows the community to receive AIGO tokens
Blockchain Research

Q2 2019 - Q4 2019
Next generation blockchain testing
Testing A-Wallet v1.0 (Android, iOS, Chrome)
SDK II - Enables more advanced integration
Allows deployment of parameter pull contracts
SDK III - Enables integration with AI-Payment and 3rd party extension services
A-Store testing v1.0 (Website)

Q1 2020
Launch of the latest AIGO Blockchain Generation
Launch A-Wallet & A-Store v1.0
SDK IV - Enables integration with local banks regarding A-cards
Integration with early adopters

Just imagine that as a fully decentralized model, in the long run, Aigo will depend on improving architectural arrangements in the future. As a possible implementation, AIGO is looking for ways to improve AIGO's current development, by providing a lightweight authentication server, which can be formulated in the merchant by authenticating with the client's wallet, functioning as wallet management (send, receive and save). Therefore, this will allow the API Wallet to directly connect to the blockchain network, allowing for a fully decentralized model in line with their long-term vision.

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