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Invech Initial Exchange Offering, Reasons Why We Need to Participate

Invech Cryptocurrency Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange spearheaded by Invech Group. They have their own platform tokens called Invech Coins or IV which run on the ERC20 platform. Licensed and endorsed directly from the Timor Leste Government, Invech's license covers the whole blockchain and cryptocurrency framework, including cryptocurrency exchanges, ICOs, mining farms, blockchain solutions and etc. It is also the first blockchain / cryptocurrency service coming out of Timor Leste. Invech takes security seriously. If you are wondering “Is Invech safe?”, the website and exchange are also on par with Crypto Currency Security Standard (CCSS) to protect Invech and all its users. CCSS is an industry standard for major exchanges and companies with ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS). ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organization’s information risk management processes.

Invech will be Starting an IEO where the Tokens will be Directly Sold via Invech Exchange ONLY

Benefits of having or holding IV token. Multi-Platform - Invech Token will be used on all platform of Invech Group’s business, Exchange Discount - Get up to 60% discount on transaction fee when trading with IV Token, Peer-to-Peer Payment - Ability to use it as P2P payment for business and individual. Mobile wallet to be released, Early Bird Discounts - IEO participants can own IV Tokens at a discounted rate and enjoy token appreciation upon completion of IEO, Crypto-Fiat - Platform for the conversion of IV Token to Fiat to be launched in 2019, Recognized - IV Token is recognized as a legitimate cryptocurrency by the government of Timor Leste, To be widely accepted - Aims to be the main mode of payment for Timor Leste – Blockchain Smart City, Low-Risk Investment - Invech is a licensed body from the Government of Timor Leste to conduct and regulate crypto related businesses.


  1. Established and strong ties with blockchain/crypto friendly government of Timor Leste.
  2. LICENSED to implement Fiat – Crypto – Fiat.
  3. All exchange users will have discounts up to 60% when they use IV to transact within the exchange.
  4. Invech CRYPTO – FIAT ATMs.
  5. Wide platform token usage – Over 9 licensed crypto and online businesses.
  6. Active traders will reap rewards ranging from cryptocurrency bonuses, platform discounts, merchandises or a trip to Timor Leste.
  7. Invech will be listed on the Nasdaq OTC Stock exchange by end of 2018 which will further increase exposure, reputation, and confidence from the market. While at the same time, having token value appreciation.
  8. Invech will be implementing many volume generating strategies that will bring in more transactions to the exchange, such as payment gateways, secondary exchange, and others such as tourism – hotels and casinos, agriculture, consultancy and etc. IV Token will be the baseline currency thus increasing liquidity, market capital, and credibility.
  9. Managed and operated by an experienced and competent team.
  10. 10% of total allocation will go to Timor Leste – Invech Foundation.


175,000,000 IV will be open for the public
IEO will run for 60 days starting from 1st November 2018.
  • Phase 1 – 30 days: 75,000,000 IV @ 20% discount. Locked in for 6 months
  • Phase 2 – 30 days: 100,000,000 IV @ 10% discount. Locked in for 9 months

Unsold IV Tokens at IEO will be given to the Timor Leste – Invech Foundation with a vesting period of 3 years.
Soft Cap: 75,000,000 IV Tokens (USD 24,000,000)
Hard Cap: 175,000,000 IV Tokens (USD 60,000,000)
Pricing at IEO
  • Phase 1: US$0.32 (after 20% discount)
  • Phase 2: US$0.36 (after 10% discount)

This section does not state who is legally allowed to use the Invech Exchange and its services. However, currently, U.S. law prohibits certain exchanges from doing business with residents of the United States, China, North Korea, Iran, the Crimean region, Syria, and Cuba as well any person/ the country with economic sanctions levied against them. According to Invech's current Terms of Service, if you are not a resident of the countries listed above are not subject to any personal sanctions, and meet the rest of the criteria listed in their terms of service, you are eligible to use Invech services at this time. The list will be updated from time to time in accordance to the regulatory standing of different Timor Leste and regulatory bodies.
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šŸ”„Road Map
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