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Internet of Goods and Services by Crypto Market Ads

The Crypto Market Ads marketplace will use the CMA token as its main, and the only, token required for transactions between marketplace users. CMA tokens will be used for fee discounts following token lock-ups by users. These discounts will apply as long as the user has CMA tokens locked down. CMA token turnover will be through payments to CMA marketplace publishers from advertisers. In case the CMA ICO reaches its second target or hard cap, there will be a token swap to a new blockchain coin. This new blockchain coin for marketplaces will be used in the marketplace builder and ICO platform.

Once an advertiser also marks the order as complete, the publisher will receive payment in the form of CMA tokens to their account. These tokens can be withdrawn at any time through a supported wallet or exchange. Publishers also have the option to lock up CMA tokens in order to receive up to 5% fee discounts on all new orders. With the vision, CMA envisions the transformation of marketplaces around the world by starting with a crypto market advertising, marketing, and related services marketplace. CMA will create an easy entry point into the crypto market for any existing or new online/offline marketplace as a new crypto project. This will increase the overall adoption of blockchain technology for marketplaces and other businesses.

CMA mission is to create a secure, fast and easy-to-use blockchain for goods and services through decentralized applications (dApps) to let any marketplace execute their ICO or crypto project on blockchain smoothly. This will allow sellers to syndicate their data to a network of marketplaces. It will also, give people the power of new decentralized marketplaces and independence from existing authorities by using cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. For more information, you can check details here:

CMA Token Details

The total number of Crypto Market Ads (CMA) tokens will be 10 Billion. The pre-ICO phase will last for 1 month, and the ICO itself for 2 months. The hard cap has been set at 5 Billion tokens. All unsold tokens will be burned. The distribution structure is as given below. here is CMA Token Distribution:
  • Crowd sales 50%
  • Exchanges & reserve 20%
  • Marketing, bounty, sales, referrals, advisors 10%
  • Founders 10%
  • Team members 10%

Internet of Goods and Services by Crypto Market Ads 

Currently, producers of good and service providers need to work very hard to get their products or services into the market. They sell their goods and services through different middlemen, such as retailers. The supply chain is very long and creates unnecessary costs which can be avoided if blockchain is used to replace these middlemen. There is a need for producers of goods and service providers to get instant syndication into the market. It can be done through a blockchain of goods and services. Such a blockchain will include information about sellers, such as earned reputation, products, services, service history and so on. It will result in fast growth and liquidity. For more information, you can check details here:

This can be achieved through a blockchain of goods and services connected to a network of marketplaces. These marketplaces need instant access to goods and services for selling to their customers. Such a blockchain will eliminate this concern, and leave these marketplaces free to focus only on marketing for earning their port. Marketplaces must evolve to be truly peer-to-peer networks with real trust, transparency, guaranteed payments, lower prices, and decentralization. Blockchain can give marketplace customers independence from third parties, resulting in only peer-to-peer interaction. Furthermore, there can be direct payments with low fees, fast payment processing time, tracking of all transactions on a blockchain, high level of security, public smart contracts to prevent fraud, interaction by seller-buyer rules, 100% online availability, privacy, unbreakable smart contract agreements, escrow possibility, decentralized hosting of les, low prices, time-stamped and immutable transaction recording and verification, worldwide availability and much more. 

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