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Guide How to Play FomoGame and FomoJackpot on Dabanking

In recent years we are still witnessing a strong rise and rapid growth of the gaming industry. According to the report in 10/2017, there are 2.3 billion users using this industry's services, generating a huge revenue of Si 05 billion every year. A common problem in game development today is the inability to prove the existence and ownership of assets in the game, thereby leading to many frauds. A smart contract allows users to be confident that they will receive authenticated assets/items when they are bound by the blockchain. 

Exchanging in-game items is now a lucrative industry estimated at S50 billion US dollar and is expected to increase rapidly. The "unique" non-fungible tokens are one of the most important contributions that blockchain brings to the gaming industry. Each token has a unique identity that represents a virtual asset type. These virtual assets can be purchased and sold at any decentralized trading platform, eliminating unnecessary costs and risks from third parties. These digital items can be anything from game skins to virtual cards with high levels of scarcity. Games developed with Blockchain Technology can bring valuable features such as:
  • Track and authenticate the ownership of digital asset types.
  • Reduce costs for third parties.
  • Secure payment system based on blockchain.
  • Integrate blockchain into your game increases competitiveness against the traditional games.
  • Easily exchange digital assets with high liquidity. 

Thereby, it can be seen that Blockchain Technology will bring Entertainment Industry to a new level. Especially the blockchain game market is still very promising with numerous challenges and opportunities, grasping that trend, DABANKING team will focus on building a game ecosystem on Dapp, exploiting effectively entertainment market and provide the best service to the community. 
FomoGame is an independent DApp system within the ecosystem of DABANKING built on the Blockchain of Ethereum. It promotes absolute fairness and transparency for users, thereby helping users to have a great experience throughout the applications in DABANKING ecosystem. FomoJackpot provides the player a chance to win with a very small amount of 0.002 ETH for a ticket. Joining FomoJackpot means you have the opportunity to win rewards up to thousands of ETH at extremely low cost. 

Time Rules for each Round

Here are the rules about Game time for each round:
There will be two countdown clocks, Green Watch, and Gold Watch: 
  • The green watch will be set a countdown for 48 hours. When the clock runs below 24 hours, each new ticket will add up to 30 seconds plus but no more than 24 hours. 
  • The gold watch will be set a countdown for 48 hours. The gold watch only starts to countdown when the current ETH prize is higher than the previous round.

The first round will be called Zero Round. At the Zero Round when the prize pool has a total of at least 300 ETH, the gold watch starts running. 

But first, you have to Purchase a Ticket 

Each ticket has a starting price of 0.002 ETH and the price increases as the Gold Clock begins to run: 
Call N is the current hour of Gold Watch (less than 60 minutes then N = 0) Ticket Fare = 0.002 + 0.002 * (50-N) * 4% 
  • So the highest ticket price will be 0.006 ETH when N = 0 at the last hour of the Gold Watch. 
  • When the Gold Watch start running, buying 1 ticket was awarded 2 more tickets

Then, Simply get the Prizes

When having a ticket buyer, 50% of ETH sales will be allocated to the prize pool and divided as follows: 
50% - Diamond Chest, 20% - Ruby Chest, 5% - Gold Chest, 4% - Silver Chest, 1 % - Drawer Prize, 20% - Next Round

When one of the two clocks returns to 0, the "Draw Now" button will appear to activate the random and fair dial algorithm for everyone to select 6 winners. The probability of winning a ticket is the same at all times. Absolute random dialing system by taking the Difficulty number in the current Block and the number of time points for the rotation to create a 64-bit Hash code as a seed. Each time, a dial will generate a different random seed, get the Seed number divided by the total number of tickets of the current round and get the remainder of the result to create a special ticket winner. 
  • Take the number of Jackpot prizes plus 10% and divided by the total number of tickets purchased when the clock reaches 0 (call this number fixed to X), the remainder is the 1st main prize.
  • Take the 1st Main Seed Number plus 10% and divided by X, the remainder is the second main prize. Take the 2nd Main Seed Number plus 10% and divided by X, the remainder is the third man prize.
  • Take the 3rd Main Seed Number plus 10% and divided by X, the remainder is the fourth man prize.
  • Take the 4th Main Seed Number plus 10% and divided by X, the remainder is the fifth main prize. 
Example: At the current round, when the clock reaches 0, there have been having 1230 tickets purchased, the Seed number of the time of dialing is 12940, the special winning ticket is calculated by dividing 12940 by 1230 equal 10 and the remainder remains 640 then the ticket number 640 wins a special prize. 

Taking 12940 plus 10% is 12940 + 1 294 = 14234 is seeding of the 1st main prize, taking 14234 divided by 1230 to get 11 remainders 704, the ticket number 704 wins the 1st main prize. 
Each subsequent main prize will take the Seed number of the previous prize plus 10% to get a new seed randomly until there are 5 main prizes. The ETH amount in Diamond Chest will be allocated to 6 lucky people as follows:
  • 50% for 1 lucky winner with Jackpot Prize
  • 10% for each of the other 5 winners in the large prize (50%)
Before one of the watches turn 0, the last ticket buyer is the KING OF KEY and holds the key to winning the entire Ruby Chest reward. 
The winner is counted when the time of the transaction is successfully verified and last recorded on the blockchain before the time 1 of the 2 watches turns to 0. 

The Master Key Prize in Gold Chest is awarded to the person, who has bought the most ticket via ETH before 1 of the 2 watches turns to 0. 

The entire Ultimate Award in the Silver Chest is awarded to the person with the total sales of tickets coming from the largest F1, each taking no more than 1 ETH to calculate 
For example: if you have 5 F1 each Fl purchase a ticket with 3 ETH (Total 5 E1 is 15 ETH) then your total Ultimate Ref sales are 5 ETH (because each Fl only takes a maximum of 1 ETH to add).

When 1 of 2 watches returns to 0, the "Draw Now" button will appear to activate the random dialing algorithm and has a total of 5 "Drawer" winners. 
The person who successfully executes the first "Draw Now" will be rewarded with 60% of the Drawer prize and the remaining 4 people will each receive 10% of the prize. 
The "Draw Now" button will appear 5 times each 5 minutes after the first "Draw Now" was previously confirmed successfully. 

20% of the ETH prize pool will be automatically transferred to the next round to ensure that prizes are always available at the beginning of each round to help develop the following rounds effectively. 

That's clear enough for you now to join the FomoJackpot on Dabankig. If you have any question place it on comment below and I will answer ASAP within 24h.

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