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Introducing The Parksen Green, Smart and Connected City Platform

The Parksen Green, Smart and Connected City Platform has the power to revolutionize urban infrastructure industries. To prove the solution works, PARQ is first going to bring the desired and necessary innovation to one of the most outdated industries out there: Parking and Transportation. According to 2017 The Impact of Parking Pain in the US, UK, and German INRIX research paper, drivers have to pay a substantial price (both economically and emotionally) to find themselves available and affordable parking spots. The search itself costs citizens of the U.K. 44 hours (nationwide average) per driver per year. Combined, the yearly costs of all drivers are estimated at $33 billion. Their American counterparts spent 17 hours (nationwide average) per driver per year, which costs US citizens a total of $72.7 billion annually. These amounts get higher still. When we factor in parking fines and overpaying (having to pay for extra parking time), drivers in the U.K. pay a whopping $44.2 billion per year while Americans fork over a grand total of $95.7 billion.

The Biggest Problem for Drivers: Right Now Lies in Searching and Overpaying for Parking Spots

The biggest problem for drivers right now lies in searching and overpaying for parking spots. Not knowing where they can find available spots, the inability to select and reserve them ahead of time and the steady increase of inner-city congestion costs a lot in terms of time and money. A large and global problem is that cities, companies and garages alike use varying software and hardware. Due to a lack of cooperation between the different parties, many parking spots remain unused and the workload for developers, maintenance personnel and administrators are unnecessarily high. The lack of modern equipment such as the Internet of Things devices, universal software systems, and clear communication directly contributes to an increase in congestion and driver frustration as well as irregular pricing rates.

According to a 2017 U.K. study titled Tackling Pollution and Congestion by Professor David Begg and Claire Haigh, congestion has been rising in all major U.K. cities. When congestion occurs, tailpipe emissions are four times higher than when the traffic flows smoothly. Moreover, congestion has been leading to a decrease in traffic speed which in turn leads to more emission and health issues. People in the U.K. are 64 times as likely to die of air pollution compared to Sweden and twice as much as drivers in the U.S.

PARQ Platform has been Created with the Intention of Dramatically Improving Outdated and Ancient City Infrastructures

If you’re at a bar and forget to add more coins to renew your parking session you’ll probably get a fine. Much like you will get charged extra for forgetting to turn off your parking app. In the end, you’re wasting money while it shouldn’t be something for you to worry about. The system is set up to take as much of your money and time as possible. PARQ aims to change that.

PARQ platform has been created with the intention of dramatically improving outdated and ancient city infrastructures. The aim is to streamline day-to-day activities for anyone who finds themselves in the heart of busy cities. To prove beyond the shadow of a doubt the necessity of their platform, PARQ is going to put it to the test by tackling the problems of the Parking and Transportation industry. First, they will revamp and expand their Minimum Viable Product (MVP): the Parksen Parking application. New features will include real-time information on traffic situations, congestion and, most importantly, a guidance system that helps drivers find the closest and most affordable parking spots near them. 

PARQ will Offer Clear, Universal API’s and Dashboards for Companies, Parking Garages, Municipalities, Maintenance Workers, Emergency Services and Consumers

Further down the road, PARQ will offer clear, universal API’s and dashboards for companies, parking garages, municipalities, maintenance workers, emergency services and consumers. By offering everyone the same service, which runs entirely on the Parksen Parking Cloud, PARQ ensure that all included parties can cut out the middleman that drives up their margins, thus guaranteeing reasonable and affordable rates across the board. These API’s and dashboards will be connected to a variety of smart city solutions which will focus and rely heavily on IoT integrations and smart car technology. The collection of traffic-related data will allow their app and platform to provide their users with a constant stream of accurate and real-time situations in the streets, while local governments and municipalities can use the data to fight congestion on a more fundamental level. Companies are already investing heavily in IoT, and it will be a matter of time before every car becomes a smart car, ready to connect to their Parksen Platform. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, in order to stimulate constant development and innovation of their platform, PARQ will offer a public API and release special SDKs for all you developers out there to play around with. 

The Parksen Green, Smart & Connected City Platform will Run Exclusively on their own Utility Token on the Ethereum Blockchain (PARQ Token)

The Parksen Green, Smart & Connected City Platform will run exclusively on PARQ, PARQ's own Utility Token on the Ethereum Blockchain. With these tokens, you will be able to undertake several actions depending on the kind of user that you are. Drivers can use it to pay for parking, while individuals or groups that offer to park spots will be able to earn tokens and use PARQ to purchase software or hardware upgrades for their existing systems, but also, licenses and other parking-related expenses from their partners. PARQ have here a unique possibility to come together and make greatness happen. By connecting cities all over the world and having them operate under one universal the platform, they will be able to influence parking prices and make sure that no spots are wasted, while simultaneously combating congestion and harmful emissions. Are you ready for the challenge and take back the power into your own hands? PARQ certainly is. Let’s build something great together and make our cities green again! If you’ve got the skills and desire to contribute, PARQ wants to know about it.

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