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Global Property Register, the First Universal Real Estate Register That Will Be Global

The Global Property Register (GPR) is the first register of universal real estate that will be global, covering developed and developing countries. This will provide proof of ownership for more than 4.5 billion people ($ 20trn value) worldwide which is currently not covered and therefore disconnected from the real estate and financial markets.

Secondly, besides providing global property exchanges. This platform will function as an international digital real estate market for all market participants.

Third, analytical solutions and tools supported by artificial intelligence will be given to property owners that enable them to make wise decisions and projections. Finally, to educate the public, social networking for platform users will be created.

You can later use your XRX token to invest in our project and get a return on your investment. This will help you generate wealth.

The token will give you access to our products such as 1. Register property to register your property eg home and land, and to do title searches 2. The Sales Portal where you can buy and sell property, 3. Artificial intelligence solutions to help market intelligence and reports, and 4. Social networking focuses on teaching people to learn how to take advantage of real estate opportunities. We plan to empower millions of people around the world.

Some of the problems facing real estate at this time are as follows:
  1. Most Land and Property are not registered. The World Bank says that only 30% of land rights are registered or recorded throughout the world - and this needs to be changed. Most countries do not have a central property register (
  2. The Land Register and Property is currently open for abuse. These are stored in databases or paper forms that are open to harassment and change by corrupt officials. These officials often change records in exchange for bribes or assistance
  3. Records are not safe from theft or natural disasters such as floods, fires, and hurricanes.
  4. The register is fragmented and not all-inclusive. In England, for example, every Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland all have separate registers. More importantly, not all properties are in the register. In the UK only property is above £ 45,000 which must be registered, which means that hundreds of thousands of properties are excluded.

Vision of GPR

A world where every homeowner can use the value of his real estate (house or land). Property documents are safe and easily accessible. Fraud of land and property was eliminated, especially in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and South America.

Mission GPR

We plan to achieve this by:

  1. Building the Global Property Register
  2. Analytic supported by artificial intelligence to support property owners
  3. Build a social platform to promote the adoption of state of the art real estate solutions
  4. Build a blockchain property exchange where people can buy and sell property

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