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Some of Dexon's Application Scenarios

One of the constant scenarios in the field of technology is the persistent evolution and innovation that materializes every few years. Mankind has taken several steps forward in terms of development in the technological sectors, as well as originate creative pathways to further improve the collective security of the financial ecosystem and humanity’s livelihood. Dexon is designed to solve the fundamental bottlenecks that hinder the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Dexon's Vision is to Reshape the future of the Internet with decentralized technology. Dexon's Mission is to Accelerate the mass adoption of DLT by solving its fundamental performance bottlenecks and incubating DApp projects.

DEXON’s high scalability, fast finality, and Byzantine fault tolerant properties make it feasible for any high-throughput applications to integrate distributed ledger technology into their working medium. Some of the possible application scenarios for DEXON’s network are as follows:

Digital Asset Issuance

The combination of DEXON’s multi-asset account system and its digital asset issuance contract makes DEXON the ideal platform to issue digital assets such as government-backed digital cash, and to host ICOs (Initial Coin Offering).

Digital Asset Exchange

DEXON’s multi-asset account system and its high-frequency digital asset trading protocol can work with DEXON’s inter-chain asset bridging protocol to establish a fully decentralized inter-chain high-frequency digital asset trading platform with negligible transaction fees. For example, one can trade Ether for Bitcoin on the DEXON Network. Moreover, since liquidity is shared throughout all trading markets on the DEXON Network, all traders can enjoy the highest liquidity and the lowest spread being offered.

Stable Coins and Micropayment Networks

DEXON’s negligible transaction processing fees, high scalability, and sub-second transaction confirmation latency makes it best suited for digital cash micropayments. Moreover, existing digital assets that have high transaction latency and high transaction fees such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can be bridged onto the DEXON Network, making them micropayment-capable. Stable coin projects like Basis and Terra can be hosted on DEXON Network as a stable store-of-value, medium-of-exchange for goods and services, or for hedging of crypto assets trading.

Online Gambling

DEXON provides unbiased randomness and low transaction latency in its smart contract platform, making it ideally suitable for online gambling applications.

Internet‐of‐Things (IoT) or Machine‐to‐Machine (M2M) Data Exchange

DEXON will be upgraded with stored data privacy and privacy-preserving computation on its smart contract platform, making it ideal for IoT and M2M data exchange application.

Other Kinds of DApps

DEXON will keep upgrading its functionality to include a decentralized instant messaging system, decentralized database, and decentralized storage network. Altogether, any centralized applications such as supply-chain finance, ads exchange, social networks, or MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games, etc, can all be built on DEXON Network.

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